We are always looking for the latest news in health and wellness. Today we share about Tesco new regulation on Best Before Labels, WholeFoods’ new spin-off store and much more. 

Tesco Removes Best Before Labels To Cut Food Waste

Previous article The move will impact 70 fruit and vegetable lines By Katie Frost Tesco has announced that it will no longer use ‘best before dates’ on many of its fresh products. The consumption guidance dates will be removed from nearly 70 fruit and vegetable lines, which the retailer says will help to reduce edible food from being thrown away.

Whole Foods Has Opened a New Home Decor Shop Called Plant & Plate | Hunker

If we could give everything in our lives that natural Whole Foods touch we would. So obviously we’re delighted that they’re testing out a home decor venture called Plant & Plate – the first of which can be found at the new Whole Foods location in Bridgewater, New Jersey that opened back in March.

PSA: Nitro matcha cold brew tea exists-this is what you need to know

Now that bottles nitro coffee grace the shelves of Whole Foods and Starbucks has picked up on the trend, it seems zany to think that the brew style didn’t really become mainstream until a mere two years ago.

Fitness festivals are the new music festivals-and this event series is here to prove it

Fitness festivals might be the new music festival (as in, something to add to your summer bucket list) and Propel’s Co:Labs Fitness Festival is here to prove it. The wellness festival fuses one-of-a-kind workouts led by top-notch trainers and live performances from musical headliners.

How Luxury Brands Are Infusing Wellness Into Their Offerings

From personal and business guidance to health-promoting vacation options, luxury brands are updating their services and products to reflect growing consumer interest in health and wellness The wellness trend isn’t like other fads-it has moved beyond its 15 minutes of fame and infiltrated entire industries, ranging from beauty to work, as consumer interest in health and wellbeing continues to grow and shows no sign of fizzling out.

Yoga has lost its zen thanks to show-off influencers and novelty studios

opinion There once was a time when yoga was a collection of physical and meditation exercises you did to get closer to the Divine. Then the West got hold of it and, before long, it all kicked off and every gym started offering Vinyasa Flows and Instagram became flooded with amateur acrobats masquerading as yogis.