We’re super-psyched to be bringing you guys and gals a whole host of interviews with our heroes of the health world.

This time we are delighted to introduce you to Taylor Anderson, the editor of Cosmo Body magazine (and the brand spanking new Cosmo Body TV show – more on that below…) Welcome to the Health Bloggers Community, Taylor!

What’s a typical day like for you?

I wake up around 7, shower and always eat breakfast before I leave the house – I never understand how people can wait until they get to work! (If you’re curious, breakfast is green tea with rye toast, avocado and a couple of eggs, or buckwheat pancakes with Greek yoghurt if I’m feeling especially perky.) I also try to do a few sun salutations and a minute’s plank every morning – it really helps me start the day energised (what a health journo thing to say, eh?!).
Then it’s off to the Cosmo offices in Soho — my day is spent flipping between the print issue of Cosmo Body, the Body Channel on Cosmopolitan.co.uk and the Cosmo Body social media channels. It’s just me on Cosmo Body and I do the majority of the writing, editing and commissioning, so I don’t make it out to launches and PR meetings as much as I’d like, but I definitely get around to test new workouts and find out what’s happening in the world of health/nutrition/fitness. I also just finished working on our first broadcast TV show, the Cosmo Body Show, which added a totally new element to my job: filming, voiceovers, production meetings – it was incredibly exciting and tiring but totally fun!
I fit workouts in at lunch (runs around Green Park, spin classes at Boomcycle) or after work – I love the Nike Training Club app and Jillian Michaels DVDs at home, or Barry’s Bootcamp for a serious sweat session. Then it’s bed before 11. I need a solid eight hours’ sleep or I’m pretty worthless.

Is there anyone you’ve worked with at Cosmo Body who has particularly inspired or motivated you?

Katie Piper is probably the most inspiring woman I’ve ever interviewed. It’s amazing how she’s turned such a horrible attack into a force for positivity and change. She’s the epitome of inspirational. Plus, her health – both physical and mental – is very important to her and I always admire that in people (natch!).

What big health trends are you predicting for this year?

On the fitness front, I don’t think HIIT circuit workouts are going anywhere: Barry’s and 1Rebel are doing them perfectly. I’m also really keen to see how Class Pass does in London – it’s a membership service that started in the US, where, rather than being a member of one gym, you have access to workouts at a load of different gyms. I think it’s a great idea – how can you get bored of that?! I’m also noticing a lot more monthly paid-for workout apps/online programmes where you subscribe and get new workouts to do at home all the time. Our sister brand US Cosmo Body is a great example of how well this can be done. Nutrition–wise, I think we’re all getting more and more interested in eating well for both our bodies and the Earth/environment: eating seasonally, reducing waste and not sapping resources from other countries for the latest health food du jour. And I think as women we’re finally starting to truly accept our bodies as they are – I love the quote “Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone” and I think it really grasps this new wave of accessible health.

Are there any exciting projects you’re working on at the moment?

We’re planning more and more Cosmo Body events, which I’m really excited about. The next one is called the Business of Fitness, where I’ll talk to health entrepreneurs like Madeleine Shaw and Nikki Cooper to get their advice for taking a passion for health and making it your job. If you’re a budding PT, nutritionist, blogger, etc, I highly recommend it!

How do you work and interact with bloggers?

I love hearing new ideas from bloggers because they really have their noses to the ground with new trends/launches. So pitches are always welcome, but please make sure your idea is something we haven’t already covered! It sounds obvious but in practice I think people are so busy they forget to really get to know a brand and what it’s done before getting in touch.

What would your advice be for anyone wanting to make a career out of health writing & blogging?

Be really aware of the difference between ‘being into health’ and being a health writer, blogger, journalist – you need to be an expert yourself and an advocate for your readers. There is so much confusing, conflicting and downright crap ‘health’ information, so knowing how to interpret research and sniff out BS claims on behalf of your readers is essential.

What’s the best way to keep up with Cosmo Body?

 Twitter and Instagram, and of course, Cosmopolitan.co.uk/body! I’m also on Twitter, so say hello!