Tally is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Blogger and part-time Event Planner besides being one third and joint CEO of GirlGains. Tally will be speaking at our event on the 25th November. Don’t forget to check out the Social Nerds course in the HBC Academy to learn how to use social media effectively for your blog!

Believe it all not, all those titles have come in the last 12 months. Previously, she trained for 5 years in full-time Musical Theatre training, only to decide that  she wanted my career path to take another route.

“I primarily use my Instagram account to share my Ups and Downs of my  personal fitness journey, as well as sharing lots of my favourite recipes and  workout tips. I have been fortunate to become part of such an awesome  community, and in turn create a place for females to interact – #GirlGains along with my two best friends.”


How did you get into training yourself? Is there something specific that prompted you to start working out?

Because of the physical aspect of my course at drama school (singing, dancing & acting), I decided to train so I could be the best performer I could be. It was also a survival technique as the theatre industry was very subjective and competitive – but my fitness was something I could work on to hopefully give me an edge.


Have you always been a really active kid / teenager?

Absolutely not! I was the girl at school who always had a reason for skipping PE.


What is the best thing about being a PT?

Such a tricky question! I love building relationships with my client and for us to then go through the journey together. I feel like a proud mother when a client will hit a new PB!


…and what is the worst?

The hours can be antisocial and I am often working very long days.


How do you manage to be on top of everything with such a busy schedule and so many projects?

I would never class myself as a super organised person with daily lists etc! But I am definitely learning. I just make everything an appointment in my diary – and my daily hours are dictated to like that.

Plus i find with this being my passion, I rarely switch off from my ‘job’ as half the time it doesn’t feel like work at all.


Do you feel the responsibility of being such a big example for fellow young women with #thegirlgains?

Most definitely. That is why myself, Zanna & Vicky aim to be as transparent and honest as possible through our personal accounts as well as GirlGains. The idea that we could use this movement to have a positive impact on someone’s life is the reason we started it. And so far we have had some wonderful feedback that just spurs us on to continue to grow and develop the community.


What are your thoughts on body image and the impact of social media?

Social media is a fantastic source of motivation and inspiration however, it’s SO important to take it all with a big pinch of salt. Images we see are often one moment in time captured in the most flattering way possible and we as readers and followers should always be mindful of that.

I hope we can use Social Media as a positive place to uplift people and instill self-confidence and pride in how we look instead as a place of comparison where we often feel we fall short.

Our main message is to focus on YOU, your body, your mind, your happiness, your aspirations, your goals and your talents so you may be the best version of yourself. Not a second rate version of your favourite social media star.


What do you enjoy about organising your own events, and what is the reaction of your audience?

Well, let me first say that there is ALOT of work that goes into each event prior to it taking place. Which can be fun and sometimes stressful. However, when we see it all come together and for people to enjoy themselves, or perhaps be surprised by the quality of the event – it is definitely all worth it.

It’s so fantastic to meet the people you follow and have perhaps had interactions with via social media and finally meet them in real life! It’s also very inspiring for me, as I meet so many amazing people with their own personal stories.