The origin of the phrase Tabula Rasa comes from Latin, meaning an absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals; a clean slate. – An opportunity to start over again with no prejudice.

Tabula Rasa is also the name of a new method, launching at Lululemon Marylebone, London this weekend.

Kate, founder of Tabula Rasa shares: “The concept emerged within a 2 year time frame after a personal need to rebuild a new direction after becoming physically and mentally ill. Its a company born through the need to start over and the name came to fruition organically.”

The classes are set to a contemporary, powerful playlist, the music is integral to the brand.

With a distinct soundtrack, Tabula Rasa playlist and will have to experience visceral sensations that take you out of your mind and body to engage with a powerful alter ego: “Creating collaborations from unlikely industries and sourcing from London’s best creative and fitness scenes.” shares Kate “Tabula Rasa is a platform to make new things happen and make the experience of fitness powerful and exciting!”

Kate is the founder and also teaches the HIIT classes. A fitness instructor and high-intensity junkie with a passion for the creativity in all its forms. The HIIT workout is comprised of high-intensity work periods followed but active rest periods and will see you using a unique Floor Guided Blueprint © system in conjunction with matt work.

Working to improve the cardiovascular system and build coordination, strength, agility and muscle tone.

YOGA. is approached from a less spiritual direction but encompasses aspects of mind, body connection. The flow is choreographed to add unique elements that are designed to activate particular muscle groups and get you moving in a different way from what you might be used to in a yoga class.

EMPOWER is a meditation and mindfulness class that is rooted in psychology and science and is designed to be the perfect supplement to life. Like a multivitamin for the brain this session will help you to work on a health mindset to compliment a healthy body.

COMBINATION. is a special 1-hour long class that brings together all disciplines to take you through a stimulating and well-rounded class.