Mindful drinking, morning raves and spin studios reminiscent of night clubs are all part of a new nightlife trend in London that champions sober fun.

The sober social trend has been on the rise for a while in London and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

We’ve documented the success of pop-up fitness classes like the Wellscene, and we’re huge fans of catching up with friends over a mid-week spin and shake: but is this only common in our bubble of health and wellness? We don’t think so.

Official figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the proportion of adults who say they drink alcohol is at the lowest level on record. In total, 56.9 per cent of those aged 16 and over had a drink in the week before being interviewed — a fall from 64.2 per cent in 2005.

Females especially are reporting swapping their high heels for high tops and club nights for classes in the capital.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite places you can socialise whilst get your sweat on in style.Ministry Does Fitness

Mixing crunches and cocktails, London’s legendary Ministry of Sound club recently launched Ministry Does Fitness. Combining hedonism, drinking and serious sweating, Ministry brings their infamous club culture to fitness with the biggest sound system boasting banging backing tracks to full-body interval training programmes. Challenging the assumption that fitness lovers can’t indulge every now and then, you’ll find more than just green juices and protein shakes at the bar — do your pull-ups then party the night away.

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Morning Gloryville

Picture this: it’s 7am and there’s a sea of glow sticks, glitter, face paint, fist pumps and wide eyes… yet this crowd is completely sober with nothing but endorphins in their blood stream. Seriously. Pioneering sober morning raving, Morning Gloryville has been bringing conscious clubbing, soul-shaking songs and endless good vibes to sober ravers since 2013. The trend has grown to such a height that former heads of hedonistic rave culture — like Fatboy Slim and Basement Jaxx— have headlined events and advocate the movement.

At raves you’ll find superfood smoothie bars, free massages, impromptu yoga, eco-glitter and free hugs. Head to a Morning Gloryville rave and you’ll instantly be swept away with the positivity and power of #thegloryvilleeffect.

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Club Soda

Mindful drinking movement Club Soda aims to help people on their journey to drinking less alcohol. Whether that’s cutting down, stopping for a while or quitting alcohol for good, they offer a non-judgemental online space coupled with regular events that encourage just that.

Mindful drinking is about changing your attitude and behaviour towards alcohol, becoming aware of its affects on your mind and body. They’re not saying you must cut it out completely and become tee-total, it’s about deciding what is right for you, putting yourself in control of your drinking habits.

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Secret Yoga Club

Offering pop-up yoga experiences and retreats everywhere from Dalston to London’s Royal Academy of Arts, SYC is all about bringing people together in unique settings with incredible yoga teachers to experience the benefits of yoga on and off the mat. Open to yogis and newbies alike, SYC pride themselves on their no-frills approach to mindfulness; just real people reaping the benefits of grounding meditation and wholesome flows.

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The Shine Movement

Live music, moving meditation and an inclusive vibe, The Shine brings together like-minded people in a social environment to inspire and connect. After the success of The Shine events in Los Angeles and New York, the movement is set to launch in London later this year. It may be a little more wellness orientated that others, with activities like storytelling, grassroots philanthropy and group meditation on the lineup, but we encourage you to go into it with an open mind.

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On top of these movements, there is a plethora of boutique spins studios that emulate night out vibes with multi-coloured lights, blood-pumping beats and feel good vibes — we’re looking at you, Psycle, Another Space and 1Rebel.

And if you’re not in London, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the fu! Clubbercise organise  fitness classes all over the country where glow sticks and neon outfits are staples.