Catherine Conway is the founder of Unpackaged, a company known for setting up refill systems for clients as well as consultancy aimed at implementing sustainable shopping solutions.

However, Unpackaged has taken its mission one step further and has developed a retail offer specifically for independent retailers.

The solution, called “Unpackaged At…” offers refillable dispensers for shoppers keen to keep their footprint low, and can now be found in Welbeck Farm Shop (Nottinghamshire).

Dispensers offer products such as cereals, pulses, pasta, rice, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate and various other raw foods. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own containers and weigh produce themselves before taking it to the tills to pay.

The concept was launched earlier this year into Planet Organic shops across London:

“With bulk, the customer is offered alternative packaging – often more plastic bags, whereas refill shopping is all about enabling customers to bring their own containers. To do this, we give them the ability to ‘tare’ and deduct the weight of any container they bring from the overall weight of the goods they are buying, so it’s self-service, easy to use, and complies with all legislation on weights, measures, and labeling.”

Conway’s mission is to expand in more and more farm shops and delis, creating a system that can be replicated in bigger shops and supermarkets, just like in Planet Organic:

“It’s a massive step in the long journey towards a truly zero waste weekly shop.”