It is a somewhat unfortunate truth that, sadly, good writing isn’t always enough to make your blog successful. With social media and hand holding through the blogging process, we can no longer rest our witty laurels on quick one liners and helpful content. You’ve spent all that precious time on your carefully crafted blog posts so lets them out there in front of readers! Check out our Blog Superhero course in the HBC Academy to learn more about maximising your blogging efforts.

Social Media

Do you share every post? Are your social media accounts easy to find and follow? Sharing after every post should be second nature to any blogger, but its also worth remembering that traffic doesn’t always come from the same place. Having “pinnable” images can help your depth on Pinterest and drive traffic, and who’s to say that blog post you wrote months ago isn’t just as relevant today, especially if you’re talking about a particular topic. Keep sharing and engaging your readers. If you discuss a particular topic, person or brand mention them too, or create a hashtag.

Ease of use

Help yourself and your blog! Widgets are your friend with this one. Having an easy to use archive or a “you might also like” widget helps to direct the reader to other posts that they might enjoy, and a “popular posts” widget will bring up popular, older posts. Embedding links to previous posts within your content is so easy to do and provides additional exposure for older, but just as relevant posts.

Call to action

You’ve written all this useful content, but what do you want the reader to do with it? Do you want them to engage with you in discussion? Or share on social media? Maybe you’d like them to tweet a quote from your content, or subscribe for updates? So tell them! Popping a question for discussion or a small sentence asking them to share at the end of your posts will up your reader interaction in no time!

Respond to comments

Once you’ve got readers commenting on your blog posts from your call to action, get chatting! Interact and respond to comments on your blog and on social media if you can. Answering questions not only builds you’re credibility but it could draw further attention to newer posts. Plus, don’t be afraid to plug a new post when replying to a comment. If you answer the question in another blog post, chances are, they’ll enjoy finding further useful content on your website.


Readers may not be up for the commitment that comes with subscribing to individual blogs, and lets face it, if you do this a lot, you’re inbox is going to be filled by lunchtime. Instead (and sometimes in addition), some readers prefer to get updates in a daily or weekly digest from sites such as Blogger and Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ also prompts readers to look at other blogs they may find interesting, hopefully point you in the direction of your target audience, whomever the lucky devils may be.

These points are in no way the definitive guide to life beyond your blog posts, different points work well for different bloggers. What works well for you? What tricks have you got up your sleeves to get your blog noticed?