So 2017 is here and you’ve decided that this year is THE year you’ll be launching your own blog.

You’ve put together some seriously compelling content, a sexy design, and you’ve had some great feedback. It’s 2017 and you are feeling ready to share this big bad boy with the world.

Now, you’d expect your content to be instantaneously showing on Google, right?

Ahem, wrong.

Googlebot is a handy tool that Google uses to look for URLs and  updates to existing pages, and it also flag any broken links.

Google looks at information on your page such as title tags, meta description, alt tags, and once the crawling process is completed, all of the results are fed into Google’s index. Any new sites or updated content will be listed on there.

As a result of Google’s crawling, you may never need to submit your website as it will be discovered automatically.

However, with hundreds of websites being pushed every hour, your blog may take longer to be published – apparently the average time it takes is one whole day.

Want to check if your blog is listed in Google? Just begin your search with “”

If no content is indexed yet for a site, Google will let you know that your search did not match any results.

If no content is found, you can either submit your website or create a sitemap that can be submitted to Google. If you are looking to read more on the topic of sitemaps, we have a much more in depth article on the subject.

If you have a brand new blog, you should first verify you own the site within Google Search Console and then submit it here.

Congrats, you just launched your new blog! To make sure you are fully up to speed, do not forget to check out our seven-day blogging challenge ‘Zero to Hero‘.