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How did you get started in the health blogging world? The answer to this question is how people will connect with you and remember your brand. So this story is an important piece to how you show up online.

Not all of us started as entrepreneurs, some of us started in corporate land, others were full time parents and if you’re like me you used to freelance for museums throughout Los Angeles installing art before I dove head first into becoming a copywriter.

When you’re getting ready to share your story online there are some easy steps you can take to make sure you’re telling the story that will connect with your audience best. The best way to do that is to get really comfortable telling your story from different angles. Let’s go through some steps you can take to tell your story and make an emotional connection with your audience.

I created these steps to get you out of writing overwhelm by unlocking your power through personal storytelling. Sharing your life experience will encourage others to take action while relating to your narrative.

Step #1 :: Let’s get started. Any time you engage in personal storytelling, it’s actually a two way conversation. There’s the writer and the reader, or the person listening.

It always helps to think about who your reader will be before you start to write. So go ahead and write down who you’re going to focus on when writing your story. Think about who needs your service or product the most.

Step #2 :: Decide how you want to frame your story. There are a lot of ways to hook your reader’s attention when telling your narrative. It helps if you start with something surprising.

Think about something that occurred in your life that would catch your reader off guard. Try starting with something like..

Most people don’t know __________ about me.

Step #3 :: Talk about the benefits. Once you’ve chosen your hook then tell them how your story would benefit them. Begin with..

In life I’ve learned that __________. (Hint: Insert story about what you overcame to get where you are today).

Step #4 :: Wrap up your story by sharing one actionable step that the reader can use in their own lives right away.

If you’re ever feeling stuck when writing your blog posts the absolute best advice I can give is to try recording yourself instead of typing. I’ve literally been able to write my blog posts in 10 minutes or less with this tool.

  1. Install the Google Drive app on your phone.
  2. Open up a new doc
  3. Use the voice recognition on your phone for a quick and dirty transcription.

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Now that you’ve got no excuses to get your story written and make more of an emotional connection online I’d love to hear a little bit of your story in the comments below.

World-changing with words is the manifesto of Creative Custom Writing, Inc. Sarah Grear, a creative copywriter, speaker + published author. Her focus is on helping entrepreneurs turn online lookers into buyers by making an emotional connection with persuasive writing.

Along the way Sarah has been a speaker at Social Media Week Los Angeles and her work can be found in a National Public Radio ad campaign, Open Places Travel Blog + Los Angeles Fashion.

When she’s not hosting live Unleash Your Voice workshops giving entrepreneurs the time + space to write their own website content she is holding online writing classes that have been taken by over 150 people in more than 15 countries. Wherever she goes her mission is to help entrepreneurs reveal their greatness while amplifying their voice.

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