Emails are such an important part of your marketing and communication strategy as a blogger, so if you are not already on board with what I like to call ‘the mighty chimp’, you definitely want to get yourself up to speed. Once you have subscribed to Mailchimp, there are a few tricks to turn your emails into a traffic machine (that sounds cool, right?). If you are still lost, join our workshop how to get started with a newsletter to set up your first newsletter.

Amy Hall is a nationally recognised MailChimp expert advising large and small businesses on effective email marketing practices.

Amy is also an expert WordPress VA with over 6,500 logged hours. Her core business,, advises and implements MailChimp email marketing solutions, WordPress, and content marketing and management for companies.

We asked Amy to share her insight on Mailchimp.

My main passion is emails and email marketing.

I help people with training on MailChimp software, coaching on email marketing best practices and I also do their email marketing for them.

I got started with blogging as a way to showcase my knowledge.

I knew if I wanted my website to get found I had to blog. I knew that if I wanted to be seen as an expert I had to blog to show my expertise. MailChimp is my go-to tool for sure, and to create forms on your website, I recommend MailMunch.

When it comes to emails, the answer is ‘Just do it!’

The biggest issue I see is that people aren’t sending emails. After that, they’re not sending emails that forward their own agenda and encourage people to purchase from them. They send emails that educate people but don’t take that 1 step further and encourage a purchase.

My favourite post is How to send a past newsletter to a new subscriber: this is a How To post that really simply explains how you can send previous newsletters to new recipients. People can go to the post and use it to do their task immediately, which is why I really love it.