Next up in our influencer spotlight series is Nicola from The Wonky Spatula. We love to spread the word about our influencer services in the Health Bloggers Talent Programme. We know just how inspiring it is to go BTS and learn the tips and tricks of incredibly successful people in the industry.

Nicola Halloran, Influencer

Website: The Wonky Spatula

Instagram: @thewonkyspatula

Main Sponsored Content: Creating recipes and imagery

My best advice for starting out as an influencer is to:

Only ever work with brands that are in line with your ethos and will benefit your followers.

On finding the balance

I work full time but fit in blogging around my schedule. I put together all of my new recipes for the week at the weekends and then usually upload on Mondays and Fridays, I find they are the best days for my audience. Then all of my live content is done on an ad hock basis; if I’m out somewhere nice or if I have a subject I want to chat about, I’ll post it on Instagram stories/snapchat. I also love to do in the moment posts if one of my meals for that day is particularly scrummy looking!

On working with brands

I recently worked with BFree Foods to put together some Easter recipes. I did a selection of canapes and it was great fun coming up with different ways to showcase their products. Better still, my family absolutely loved the wraps and are still using them! I don’t work with that many brands as I will only go with brands that I use regularly and see as a good fit for my followers.

My main struggle

 Finding time to fit in collaborations around my busy schedule!

My typical day as an influencer:

I wake up at 6.30am, have a quick scroll on my phone and then pop into the shower at 6.45am. Before I get ready for the day I have another quick scroll through Instagram and check my emails with a coffee. Once I’m ready to go, I get my porridge with oodles of toppings. My favourites at the moment are dark chocolate, raspberries and either honey or agave. The odd day I do top with some nut butter as well! (Pip and Nut smooth cashew is my absolute favourite!!). Then I head off to work.

I’m a big fan of little and often when it comes to food, so at about 10.30/11am I’ll have what I call a second breakfast!

Usually lardons or turkey bacon with some greens & tomatoes. There will also be a few coffees scattered throughout the morning with tonnes of water — it’s so important to make sure you are getting enough water in throughout the day! When it rolls around to lunchtime, I love to get out for a walk. When I get back in to the office, I’ll have my lunch which varies from day to day.

At the moment I am loving zoodles with chicken and a Gosh! burger, other weeks it might be turkey bolognese or prawns with dairy free pesto.

I head off from work at about 5.30-6pm and head straight to the gym. Monday-Thursday I like to go to Crossfit, I absolutely love Crossfit and have been doing it for almost 4 years!

Then at the weekends, I head to the gym for a solo workout, which is something I’ve recently gotten into — it’s a great way to switch off from the world for an hour or two! I particularly love going by myself on a Sunday evening as it really sets me up for the week ahead.

When I get home from the gym I make my dinner, which is always some form of protein with sweet potato and invariably hot sauce, and as a family, we all sit around table together and chat through our days.

Once dinner is finished, I usually prep my lunch for the next day and catch up on emails. I often have a scroll through social media while watching something on the TV/Netflix before bed.