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Valentina from Valiant Nutrition – About me

I am a holistic nutritionist based in Connecticut, USA and online. My passion for good food, yoga, and running took me from a corporate job in finance to grad school and health & wellness blogging. I hope my blog will become a source of hope and relief for chronic dieters and people who struggle with disordered eating and negative body image.

My mission

My mission is to bankrupt Weight Watchers! I know, that’s a tall order. Perhaps I’ll never manage to even put a dent in the weight loss industry. But I hope to at least help men and women everywhere learn that their health has nothing to do with their weight and size. If one after the other we all start loving our bodies and respect people of all sizes instead of shaming them, imagine how much happier the world would be! The road to health is not paved with calorie-counting, eating only “healthy” foods, and hating our bodies. Wellness is about listening to the body and nourishing it every day with good food, loving movement, and self-compassion.

How I got into Blogging/Instagramming

I started blogging right after grad school. My final thesis in school was about Health at Every Size and it awakened a passion in me to spread its message. I have found unwavering support in the blogging and Instagram community devoted to body positivity, Health at Every Size, and non-diet approaches.

The post you’ll love…

My favourite post is about the myths and misconceptions about Health at Every Size. As a paradigm, Health at Every Size is very misunderstood.Is Health at Every Size only for fat people? And is it just a way to eat junk food without worries?