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Maria from Sweet Spotting – About Me

My name is Maria and I’m a Science student in Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve always loved taking photos, cooking and baking. A few years ago, I combined that with my passion for a healthy lifestyle and everything changed. So far, I’ve learnt so many things and I’ve discovered a whole new perspective about ingredients and flavours that I had never thought possible. It’s incredible what you can do with a few bananas! So, blogging makes me happy and, as everything in my life, it is a learning process. If I manage to make something nice, I share it with my readers and friends. Sometimes it’s a losing battle and my kitchen is a complete mess.

My mission

Most people believe that healthy food has to be boring and tasteless and it’s just granola or cereal, but the truth is that it’s so much more than that. I believe that healthy eating is all about finding a balance between what can be nutritious but still delicious. The diet I follow is really simple: I don’t use refined sugars or flours and I only use healthy oils (like coconut oil or ghee) and a big variety of wholesome ingredients (oat, almond flour, hazelnut flour).

My main goal is that my recipes are as natural as possible, so I practically run away from everything that comes from a box or a packet! It’s always better to cook or bake and avoid the processed options. I have never thought of my blog as having a mission but if I have to state one it would definitely by to inspire people to healthy living through a healthy diet (which can’t just be translated into a colorful dish), daily exercise and lots of fun cooking and sharing happy moments with friends.

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

I have to be honest here, really. I got into blogging by family pressure! Everyone liked my recipes and loved trying out my weekly baking. They just couldn’t stand all the talking and sharing of information about ingredients, techniques and recipes. As I’ve always been keen on writing they suggested that I started my own blog to keep me busy and out of their hair. I guess it all worked out good for me as well. The blogging community out there has also been an incredible motivation and a creative trigger for my own initiatives and lifestyle.

The post you’ll love…

My Gooey Chocolatey Brownies. They are absolutely divine, with a creamy texture and a unique caramelized flavour given by the coconut sugar. It’s a healthy treat full of nutrients and benefits that will light up your day and bring joy to everyone around you.