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Sylvia from Nanuk Lifestyle – About Me

I am a qualified nutritionist with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Nutrition and over 20 years experience of working in the health and sports industry. I have worked in hospitals, as a nutritional consultant in health shops and pharmacies, and for several UK and US based supplement companies formulating and developing new products. I conduct product lectures including product training for pharmacists and have been an independent adviser within the health industry. I run private clinics and I am a voluntary member of The Healthy Schools Committee of an Independent school. My husband and I own Nanuk Swimming School in Islington, which ties in with our healthy lifestyle.

My mission

Child development and nutrition are both special interests of mine. I want to be involved in making sure that generations to come will be well-educated about nutrition, being active and the healthy lifestyle that goes with it.

I love nutrition and helping people on to find their right track is a passion of mine. My blog and social media posts are purely for highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. I am not intending to preach or convert anyone to what I think is best but hopefully encourage people to think about what is best for them and maybe I can help along the way.

I love cooking and baking in our house and mostly it’s my own creations or adapted recipes. I personally suffered with a lot of food allergies when I was a child (and still do) and was often very poorly. It seemed difficult to get to the bottom of it and that’s when I developed my interest in nutrition and consequently did my degree in nutrition. Changing my diet all those years ago changed everything and I know that nutrition is the key to a healthy life.

We are a vegan family and all my recipes will be vegan, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be changed or adapted. A vegan diet is right for us from an ethical and health point of view but everyone is different and that’s ok. Nothing I do is about ‘dieting’ or ‘you shouldn’t have this or that’, it’s about enjoying food and learning more about it. The recipes are intended to be easy and not too complicated.

We are a very active family too, it’s all about swimming, cycling, running and triathlons. My husband is swimming a marathon next month and the kids are doing triathlons, so we never stop.

Owning Nanuk Swimming school in London, running Birthlight Infant Aquatics and ASA Learn To Swim classes helped us understand that there is still a lot to be done. As we work a lot with children and parents we know the importance of teaching a holistic approach to our everyday diet, exercise and fun.

I would say my mission is that one day nobody will use the word “diet” anymore and that a healthy lifestyle is just the norm. I would like to think that children will naturally make healthy choices and be compassionate towards animals, even if they won’t adopt a vegan lifestyle. Children are confused about what is healthy and what is not, but if we teach them right then they know and they can judge for themselves.

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

My main drive to blog was to share what I know with others. I love writing, I love nutrition and I am passionate about general health and well being. Working with kids and parents and having your own kids opens your eyes on how difficult it is, especially for new parents, to know what is right or wrong for your kids. There are so many myths and health perceptions out there and parents are filled with fear to get it wrong. If I can help one person to make a change than I am happy. People often struggle with recipes and their busy lives, but I am hoping that can be changed too.

I want to be a good role model to my kids and they are both already very passionate about health and well being and great ambassadors for healthy and fit vegan kids without missing out on anything. It’s not difficult to live how we live and hopefully I can bring that message across as too many people still think that being healthy means that you only eat watercress and drink green tea…nothing wrong with that, but there is more on offer than that!

The post you’ll love…

Yes, we do need carbohydrates – Something I very much disagree with is the whole movement of “low or no carb diets”. I don’t know if people will love this link, but I hope they will be reassured that carbohydrates are not the bad guys!

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