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Abi from Maple and Muffins – About me

Hello my name is Abi. I am 16 and from Norfolk, currently trying to juggle sixth form with running a plant-based, guilt-free cake and snack business with school life and my love of fitness.

My mission

My mission is to spread the word, especially to the younger generation, that healthy eating does not just mean vegetables. You can have cake and chocolate too! Through my blog I hope to promote this and create delicious treats which taste indulgent but are also guilt-free. I especially want to aim to reach out to the younger generation because I believe that once they see healthy eating is also seriously yummy, they will trade processed and sugar laden sweets for a more nourishing option. That is where my blog and business come in. I create healthy alternatives to the traditional sweet treats such as cakes and cookies…everyone loves a cookie…at affordable prices so that they are accessible to everyone. I find that more often than not, the healthy options are also the most expensive and I want to change that. I want to make healthy eating easy, fun and available to everyone who wants to give it a go.

I also want to combine this with fitness, to help with exam/work stress, happiness and to achieve much better general health. It helps to give you a much clearer mind and a break from everyday life. I really would love to see people treat exercising as a fun thing and something they look forward to, rather than something they have to do!

I also know from experience that for many people with eating disorders, this way of life can have a massive impact on their own wellbeing. I myself suffered from an eating disorder for a number of years and it was through learning about healthy cooking and weightlifting that I was able to recover. I know that this is a growing problem and so I would like to do something about it, and I am a great believer that a healthy approach to life can have a great impact on those suffering with eating disorders.

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

I actually got into Instagram before I started blogging, because I was suffering from an eating disorder at the time and my parents would not let me start a blog. That being said, they didn’t know I had an Instagram account for a number of months until I finally decided to tell them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a very happy start to blogging. I wan not in a good place at the time and I spent a huge amount of time looking at food and recipes to make myself feel full, when in actual fact I was starving myself. I set up my Instagram account first in order to try and push myself to eat more and motivate myself. My mum took me to my first Les Mills BodyPump class at the gym and after that I knew that I wanted to get stronger, fitter and recover. I documented a lot on my Instagram account, posting pictures of food that I had made.

As I started to get better I gained more confidence, and eventually I set up my blog – Maple and Muffins. My love of all sweet treats is the driving force for my blog. I make everything you can imagine, from sandwich cookies to raw cupcakes, but I emphasise that all of them are guilt-free. They are plant-based as I turned to a vegan lifestyle about a year ago, and I really try to promote a balanced lifestyle. Balance between food, exercise and mental health, because all go hand-in-hand and are equally important. I want to continue to grow my brand and take it further afield in the UK. I aim to carry it on, my blog, business and Instagram, for years to come (or at least until people get bored of me!).

The post you’ll love…

Obviously I have to send you straight to my raw caramel slice recipe because it is my favourite and I know that in the shop that I stock they are their favourite too. Creamy maca caramel, thick chocolate fudge and a gooey oat and date base…they are just insane!