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Kylie from Kylie Jane Frost – About me

When I left Australia and moved to London in 2008, I had no idea I would find the most physically and mentally fit version of myself. Fitness and wellbeing became my life outside of my day job. It was a balancing act I maintained for 9 years before moving back to Australia in 2016, where I’ve started my yoga teacher training.  I’m an advocate for all things that bring greater inner peace and encourage us to be the best version of ourselves. I’m currently living a plant-based, heart-driven lifestyle from sunny Brisbane, Queensland. If I’m not on my yoga mat, you’ll find me exploring my local community with an almond-milk cappuccino in hand.

My mission

Since the start of my wellness journey, I have always sought to be a little voice of encouragement to anyone that would listen. It felt natural to use blogging to promote an active, balanced lifestyle as exercise and nutrition were essential to my recovery from anxiety and depression. That was seven years ago. I have since started a new blog to continue promoting wellbeing and balance through active living and mindfulness.

While exercise has been an essential part of my journey, I believe that mindfulness, meditation and yoga practices are hugely beneficial to our mental health. My heart’s vision is to share meditation and yoga practices for the wellbeing of our communities.

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

Blogging still seemed relatively new when I started and Instagram hadn’t even been thought of yet.

I started using Tumblr for personal journal entries about life in London, but I soon felt the need to create a dedicated fitness blog for my new found passion. It wasn’t long before I grew my following and started building my own website.

Keeping up with the ever-changing online landscape can be challenging at times but I enjoy it. It’s a constant learning experience and I love the opportunity to engage in different online communities.

The post you’ll love…

28 days without alcohol: What I learned – I took on a challenge to abstain from drinking alcohol for a month. It was inspired by the question on a certain campaign asking “What is your relationship with alcohol?”. I felt this was an important question to ask ourselves, for the benefit of not only our individual health but also the health of our relationships and communities.

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