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Katie from Katie Take Care Blog – About me

 I’m a wellbeing blogger with a love of yoga and travel. I want to share my experience recovering from a brain injury to prove that with hope, kindness and persistence, life can be as beautiful as you.

My mission

In 2015, I suffered a traumatic brain injury whilst crossing the road outside work. I woke up in hospital some hours later having absolutely zero memory of the accident. It was a life altering experience to say the least, but one that had a surprisingly positive impact. It forced me to learn how to look after myself. In a way, it healed my relationship with me.

After a month or so off work, and once I could get out of bed, I realised that I had to be my own best friend if I ever wanted to recover and enjoy life. Slowly, I started taking myself on restorative yoga dates, journaling and prioritising a fresh, lean and green diet. I started to cultivate a more mindful approach to life, and I started my blog to document everything I was doing to aid my recovery.

My vision is to share the coping mechanisms and techniques I’ve picked up along the way to help anyone going through a hard time, basically. If you’ve suffered a physical injury, traumatic experience or suffer with mental health problems. I want my blog to be a resource and platform to help you. I credit my recovery to reading inspiring blogs and I have found blogging to be a great way to build a support network, especially if you struggle to get out of the house.

Finally, I truly believe that yoga, and the mindset that comes along with it can help you to navigate through life in a more flexible and positive way.

How I got into Blogging/Instagramming

Growing up in the digital age, sharing your life online in some form, is increasingly the norm. We all want our own little bit of recognition. I grew up with Myspace, Tumblr and LiveJournal. So having a space online to share in a creative way has always had a place in my heart.

Initially, I found Instagram a great way to keep up with what my friends and family were doing. Over time I’ve started to appreciate its potential for connecting with like-minded people, lusting after fashion I’ll never afford and just gawping at awe-inspiring travel photography!

The post you’ll love…

Caring for yourself as though you are your own parent. Journaling exercises to build self-esteem! I had a real lightbulb moment when I started to think of myself as a parent because it made me take responsibility for my own happiness and wellbeing. I share a list of happiness hacks to treat yourself more kindly.