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Leila from Healthier Leila  — About me

Hi, my name is Leila and I’m based in Essex. I’m a health, fitness and self love blogger. I’m really passionate about promoting self love, balance and fitness.

My mission

My mission is to inspire and help young women to understand that there is no ‘shape or size’ that they should be. That as long as you are happy and healthy in your life nothing else matters. I also want to promote self love and confidence. I believe that self love, confidence and happiness are the most important parts of any health and fitness journey.

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

I started blogging / Instagramming my journey over a year ago and it was the best decision I ever made. At the time I had gained weight and was feeling very uncomfortable in myself. I lost all my confidence and I felt like I had to do something; this is when I started my Instagram. I learnt so much from others but I also compared myself to them. I would strive to be the typical front page of a magazine size and shape with abs. I soon learnt that aesthetics weren’t important, and that loving yourself and being happy was far more significant.

After starting my Instagram, I started my blog. Blogging has allowed me to write about topics that I never thought I would. I have found that blogging has helped me along my fitness journey and also helped me to keep motivated. I find that by writing, I can escape the stresses of normal working life and write about topics that I’m passionate about. Instagram has allowed me to make new friends and meet other like-minded women.

The post you’ll love…

My journey to self love and body confidence