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Lauren from Buddha and Bananas – About me

Hi! I am currently a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and will become a certified holistic health coach in July 2017. I am working as a freelance writer, blogger and health coach student. I recently left a corporate marketing job to pursue my love of writing about health, wellness and a few things in between. I am also a nature lover, passionate traveller and have a love affair with being balanced and living well. I’m excited to see where the blog takes me and love the adventure of helping it grow! I believe we all have the power and privilege to live the life of our dreams, and I hope sharing my journey inspires you to start yours.

My mission

My mission is to inspire others to pursue the life of their dreams, while teaching and motivating readers to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I focus on holistic health and wellness and self-development and motivation. I will soon be offering my health coaching services on my blog for people wanting guidance on lifestyle changes.

How I got into Blogging/Instagramming

I decided to start my blog to combine my love of writing with my passionate interests. I love taking on new challenges and I find the adventure of managing and growing my blog exciting! I love sharing my posts with my viewers and sparking people’s interests.

The post you’ll love…

5 steps to release thoughts of limitation. A mental health post to boost your motivation! I know this community is full of go-getters and goal setters, and we all fall victim to losing our motivation. Read on for tips to get out of any limiting mindsets holding you back!