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Becky from Art of Healthy Living – About me

I am a list loving, life juggling, prosecco drinking blogger and editor at the online healthy lifestyle magazine The Art of Healthy Living. I set up the website about 2 years ago with the aim of creating a realistic and sustainable image of what it actually means to live a healthy life. I don’t want my children to grow up thinking they should have to try and live up to the clean, polished ideals that are shoved in our faces 24/7. The Art of Healthy Living is about being REAL, it’s about being healthy because it makes you feel good, not because it makes you look good. Covering all areas of fitness, health, food and well-being, there are regular articles from health experts, as well as my own experiences.

My mission

My mission is to ‘unglamourise’ health and fitness by encouraging women of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds etc to embrace their uniqueness and to learn to love themselves again. Through my honest writing and ‘real’ photos of what exercising and working up a sweat really looks like, I hope to motivate others to just get out there and give stuff a go, to make small steps to improve health because they want to; for themselves; and not because it is expected of them.

How I got into blogging/instagramming

I have always been a writer (even as a child you could always find me with a nose in a book or with pen to paper) so blogging came naturally to me. I started off only accepting guest posts on the site and then I realised that what I could write would often be of a better quality and had a much more natural voice to it. Friends and family commented that they loved hearing what I was up to and that they liked the fact I wrote from the heart – very much what you see is what you get. Social media helped get my blog out there and before I knew it I’d built up a fairly big following. It gets quite addictive hearing positive words about your writing – I mean, come on everyone loves a compliment right?! I’ve only been using Instagram for the past year and it’s been a steep learning curve. But equipped with an AMAZE new camera and the knowledge that it is ALL about the visuals, 2017 is going to be my Insta year.

The post you’ll love…

This post captures me entirely 🙂 A busy mum, finding time to communicate with her growing up too fast son, whilst also showing him the benefits of keeping fit and fitting a run in at the same time. Other people will love it because it’s funny, it’s honest and it will more than likely ring true for a LOT of them!