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Zoe from Aloha and Coffee – About me

I’m Zoe.  I’m a yogi, foodie, health and wellbeing blogger from Sutton Coldfield.  i juggle my passions in life with being a mom of 4 and a wife!

My mission

My mission is to let anyone and everyone know that health and fitness is accessible to them. It doesn’t matter that you only have 10 minutes spare a day or that you can’t afford a fancy gym membership. You can still be healthy and fit.

I’m also a big advocate of the no diet rule. I don’t believe in fads and quick fixes and will never advise anyone to cut anything out or ban anything from their life!

How I got into Blogging/Instagramming

After the birth of my baby, I started documenting my journey back to healthy through Instagram. After qualifying nutritionally and in personal training, I set up my blog as a way to share tips and ideas and stories with a wider audience, as I found I had more to say than I could share in an Instagram post! It really spiralled from there.

Although my approach to fitness has evolved and changed slightly, I’m still passionate about sharing my honest experiences with others and hopefully inspiring them too.

The post you’ll love…

…is Yoga Myths Debunked. It quashes some of the perceptions people have of the yoga world and opens your eyes to the fact that anyone can practice yoga!