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Where did the idea for Spiced Nutrition come from?

Food was, is and always will be a vital part of my life. My BSc in Food Engineering and MSc in Food Safety and Management from the University of Birmingham gave me a solid scientific background in regards to nutrition, health, safety and authenticity of food ingredients.

Furthermore, I have seen first-hand how a commitment to healthy living has changed my life for better. 

Upon my return to the UK from Italy, I started to work at an organisation which represents the food manufacturing sector of the UK. I was given responsibility to lead UK food businesses, which would trade herbs and spices on the technical and regulatory issues at the EU and UK levels.

Once, during an annual meeting, I made a Spice Quiz highlighting the nutritional and health benefits of herbs and spices. I was amazed by how powerful herbs and spices are!

From that point, I thought how awesome it would be to mix pure herbs and spices to create ultimate blends which would bring health benefits to people. The purpose of this concept was to assemble food, nutrition and health into one piece. I then started to assess the nutrient profiles of the different blends and quantify the amount of vitamins and mineral which would be present in them.

Once the hobby took over, I took a risk and resigned from the corporate world to create Spiced Nutrition.

“Food was, is and always will be a vital part of my life.”

What makes Spiced Nutrition different from other spice mixes?

The most innovative and creative part is that we develop all natural and authentic blends based on their nutrient and flavour profiles. No salt, additives, flavouring or other artificial ingredients. Before purchasing any ingredient, we carefully look at the product specification to ensure that we are buying quality ingredients.

There is more than meets the eye in our products. Our blends provide natural sources of vitamins and minerals which contribute to normal functions of metabolism, immune system and muscles.

We bring an innovative view to herbs and spices by highlighting their amazing flavours and functional properties. We wanted to challenge the market of food supplements and the perception of herbs and spices.

To get further regulatory approval, we submitted a report to Local Authorities with nutritional data that our blends comply with EU regulations in terms of the nutrition and health claims.

Why was it important for you that your spice blends had added health benefits (like immunity support and metabolic charge)?

Normal function of metabolism, immune system and of course muscles play very important parts in our health and physical performance. Therefore, we really aimed to develop a product which delivers what it claimed. It should have a purpose and contain only natural ingredients.

What does being ‘healthy’ mean to you?

For me, being healthy is about balance. I believe that blaming or praising one single food for all the bad or good things in our health is not correct. Education plays a vital role here.

My personal recommendation is to eat a variety of foods which nourishes and fuels your body with the right amounts of macro and micro nutrients. Yes, there is space for dessert as well!

Ultimately, whatever purpose you might have, make food choices that will make your diet sustainable. Do not rush trying to achieve quick and immediate results. Everything takes time. Make small but steady steps towards your goals.

“Most importantly, remember that food is a joy of life!”

Did you work with nutrition/fitness experts to create the blends? If so, how?

Having two degrees related to food and nutrition, as well as working in several UK and EU food organisations, provided me with a solid scientific background in terms nutrition and food authenticity.

To develop blends, we consulted experienced nutritionists, food industry professionals, people who did bootcamps, hiking, cross-fit, bodybuilding, fitness competitions, marathons, and many other physical activities.

We are extremely grateful that all of them shared their knowledge and experience with us to help create our products.

How do you work with bloggers to grow brand awareness?

As a brand, we are very passionate about food, therefore collaborating with bloggers who share the same values, principles and mindset is truly inspirational. We met incredible people at the Health Bloggers Meet Up. Go Health Bloggers Community!

Every single one of us has our own story to share. We met and spoke to amazing people whose lives were completely changed due to the incredible power of food. In other words, food brought a completely new meaning and fresh start to their life.

I cannot thank our ambassadors and people who cooked, are cooking and will be cooking with our blends enough. We are delighted to hear from bloggers. It is an incredible feeling every time someone shares a meal cooked with our blends!

Lastly there are people whose social media accounts we follow and who share with us their extensive knowledge and experience of nutrition and health. We never stop learning.

However, if you are seeking nutritional advice on social media, make sure it is a credible individual who will help you to achieve your goals in a healthy manner.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy the spice mixes?

I love herbs and spices! No doubts that my favourite spice is smoked paprika, which can be found in the Ultimate Recovery blend.

Most of the time I overdo it with herbs and spices. I marinate and sprinkle everything I can and see on the table! My latest addictions are roasted sweet potatoes with Metabolic Charge or roasted chick peas with smoked paprika and Persian salt. Try them! You cannot go wrong!