I studied at The London School of Astrology for 3 years and through we talked about eclipse cycles and moon cycles – I still wasn’t completely sure what this eclipse would mean for us, as individuals.

Eclipses usual relate to country leaders, kings, and queens. 

With this eclipse in Royal Leo, the symbolism and our expectations were even more focussed on leaders with our UK Monarchy and more specifically with our friend Donald Trump.

In 2014 when DT was nothing more than the USA’s version of Alan Sugar we were looking at Donald’s chart because he’s such a fantastic cliche, such an accurate representation of us how to chart. 

He is Rising Leo and he has the blonde hair obsession to boot.

This total eclipse will take place over the USA at the final degrees of Leo, right over The Donald’s Ascendant and Mars.  When DT was born, Mars was rising in the sky and was just over the horizon.

With the eclipse blocking this light to his persona will his attacking impulse be snuffed, or will the momentary powerlessness lead him to overcompensate?  I really don’t know, I’m not *that* psychic and I’ve not studied all the charts relating to this event but I feel sure that something very interesting will happen.  Someone suggested that Trump could be impeached. 

Many detailed astrological articles have been written on this event and it’s wild to see the unraveling of the news headlines that are building with overwhelming synchronicity. 

We will have to wait and see how it will unfold.  However, you probably want to know how it will impact you!

On a personal level, what happens to us when the lights go out?  The Sun is our life-force energy in its most potent and visceral form.  The sun feeds all life, giving us warmth, food, and light.  A universal power-cut is coming.  STOP. Stop.  If you were ever in a power cut pre-2006, it’s debilitating and you suddenly realise how much you rely on electricity and that you really should have more matches in the house.   Recent history has left us riddled with mobile phones and 3G.  I say riddled because it’s a curse.  The beautiful simplicity of a power cut means we can still take a photo of the blackness and upload it onto social media.  Banality overload.  The pause for reflection has lost its potency but our requirement for silence remains unchanged.


Nature brings us an eclipse, the lights will go out and in that eerie darkness, we reset.  One day, everything that you love will fade away.  The lights will go out in this life, your love will be obliterated by forces out of your control. 

Leo rules the heart, our love, our creativity and our passion.  Today, Monday 21st,O our heart’s desire comes into focus because for a moment we will miss all that we love, it will be gone and out of reach, never to be enjoyed again.  All the possibilities and potentials that we hold within us will die. Can you take yourself to that inevitable truth?

Can you imagine your life being snatched from you?

I just read Paulo Coelho’s book “The Pilgrimage”, it’s fantastic and has some amazing meditation exercises in it.  I highly recommend reading it.

A Solar Eclipse is another way of saying the New Moon – the moon is reborn at the new moon, a rebirth. What seeds would you plant if you knew that they would grow?  The Sun will return, the light will burst out from behind the moon.  The heat will return to the earth and love will trickle through our bodies enlivening every cell.  So, throw yourselves into what you love and take this second chance to do what you love, to follow that dream and to actually do something that matters.

I could write out a generalised horoscope, but it will only work for you if you know your time of birth and rising sign. 

Turn off your phone stop thinking about what everyone else is doing with their life, they are not you and they have their own dramas.  Forget them. 

What do you want to do? What makes you happy?

If it’s conventional, awesome. 

If it’s unconventional, awesome.  If it’s small and seemingly insignificant, who cares?   What is it that you Google in your spare time? Keep it clean!

Within 8 hours of the eclipse write a list of 10 things that you want. 

Not what you would like, WANT.  This is an eclipse in the USA, they are much better than us Brits at saying what they want, not “what they would like, thank you very much, please, if it’s not too much trouble. 

As Leo is the theme focus on creative pursuits, love, romance, children, hobbies and your magic. 

Your you-ness. 

There is enough space in this giant universe for us all to shine as bright as 6 billion suns.  The moon gains nothing from blocking out the light of the sun, it gives us a moments peace and rest, which is much required but the world needs people to shine.  The world needs people who are alive with passion and compassion; people whose actions are rooted in their wise heart. Kindness, devotion, bravery, and creativity; light, generosity and warmth.  People will always try to block out our light because they are afraid that we will outshine them. Shine brighter, the best way to lead is to lead by example.

It’s not always easy to know which passion to pursue but a process of elimination is a good way to start. 

If you marrying someone to please your parents, buying something because your friend liked it or following a career that your father wanted you to pick, then you are failing.  Failing yourself. 

Eclipsing your spark. If you do anything to impress and please others instead of fuelling your own excitement and joy then you are losing out. The light of the patriarchy will be blocked out on Monday and your most real feelings and passions will rise to the surface, uninhibited.  Notice them and then fan the flames of your passions over the next few months.  Progress isn’t instant but it starts with a decision and this eclipse is the perfect time to make that decision.

Make some time to be quiet and think about what you really love, really really love.

Forget your phone, forget your incessant social media.  Remember who you are, plant some mental seeds of inspiration and wait for the sunshine to nourish their growth. If you do know and want some hints on which area of your life to focus on then email me via my website or send me a DM on Instagram @francescaoddie.