Fitssi are the official fitness sponsors for the HBC Summit and will be running small group personal training classes throughout the day for you to try. Find out more and book your ticket here.

Are you part of the social fitness movement?

Another day, another gym session with your headphones in and eyes down. For some it’s a dream, but for most it’s that time of day we need a kick up the backside to get us motivated to get a sweat on. However, there’s a new style of fitness around that might just be the answer: social fitness. Specifically, small group personal training.

There’s no doubt about it, fitness has become the new way to socialise with more and more of us ditching Friday night tequilas for a date with the dumbbells and catch up over brunch on a Saturday. But how about a way to actually socialise while you sweat? During the week, most of us don’t have time for meeting up with friends, work, the gym, family… Small group personal training means you can multi-task, catch up with your friends and get your sweat on at the same time.

Small group personal training is a PT session, but rather than one-to-one, the session is for up to 5 people.

It’s essential that the group is kept small enough for each person to receive the individual attention from the PT they need in order to reach their personal goals and monitor progression, but with the added benefit of being able to see friends or meet new, likeminded people at the same time.

Unlike large group classes, small group PT means the trainer can closely monitor you to ensure you’re working to your maximum (no hiding at the back!), monitor and measure your progress, and help you work on form to ensure you don’t end up with a bad back or dodgy knee. Ultimately, you get more bang for your buck than a large class with tailored exercises and programmes so you get the results you want.

Small group PT is also an awesome social environment; with only a couple of other workout buddies you’ll really get to know them during training while you literally share the pain! No more of that ‘first-day-at-school, I-don’t-know-anyone’ fear of walking into a class, or dragging yourself to the gym alone. You’ve got double the accountability to make you pull on those leggings and get moving, because surely you can’t let down both your PT and your friends?

Even if your friends aren’t so keen on fitness, you’ll soon make new workout partners who share your goals, keep you motivated and create a whole new circle of friends. So often we see Fitssi clients meet for the first time at a session and quickly become inseparable! Combine this with a dose of friendly competition and you’ll find that small group PT pushes you further and gets you those results, all while you have that catch-up with your friends you’ve been trying to fit in for ages. When you can be focussed on your goals, make progress, share the cost and enjoy the process you’ve got a winning formula – come and join the social fitness movement today!

Fitssi runs small group personal training in groups of up to 5 in central London locations, bookable via their website.

Fitssi are the official fitness sponsors for the HBC Summit and will be running small group personal training classes throughout the day. Find out more and book your ticket here.