I agreed to host a sort of ‘Ted Talk like‘ talk a few weeks back – talking about something interesting about me.

You are genuinely multi-passionate and can talk about so many cool things.

Truth is, I did not know what to talk about.

A case of having so much to choose from, you genuinely have no clue. Then it came to me.

As the owner of a community for bloggers and influencers, my working day used to start as soon as I opened my eyes: I checked my emails, then my Instagram and Facebook to see who’s liked or commented on 0ur posts. Even before breakfast, my head would be whirring, thinking about what I had to publish that day and what kind of content I wanted to share with our 90k followers.

As a cheeky challenge, I decided to delete all my social and email apps.

excluding Instagram – mainly as it has some mobile-only features

As I was thinking about my topic, I was one week in my challenge, and I found something was shifting considerably.  Nevertheless, I won’t lie. Deleting my email app was the hardest thing.

Mindfulness expert Tamzin Muir explained that scientists found when you’re performing any task and a new email catches your eye, it takes on average 64 seconds to get your concentration back.

Almost to prove the point, I stopped checking my phone to see a ghostly notification pop-up and I slowly shifted the expectations I gave myself and others when it came to communication.

Addicted to technology?

The average person checks their phone 200 times a day – yes, that’s once every six and a half minutes. 73% of Brits say they’d struggle to go a day without checking their phone or computer. Just because we are all secretly research geeks, one in four people spend more time online than they do asleep.
In a recent #StatusOfMind report, which surveyed 1,500 14-24-year-olds, it was revealed that half of the participants said Instagram and Facebook ‘exacerbated’ feelings of anxiety. 7 out of 10 said it made them feel worse about their body image.

Three things that will help you

  1. Set the right expectations with others (especially if you own a business, it’s essential)
  2. Be open to what it’ll teach you about yourself
  3. Pick up an old hobby of yours, buy an old fashioned book or a cookbook and get busy in the kitchen

Three things you can do to join me

  1. Head to your phone
  2. Hold on the Facebook icon
  3. Click the little X button
  4. Rinse and repeat as appropriate

You may find out that not much has changed – or maybe you’ll cheat and start heading to your Safari instead (guilty of charge), or maybe you’ll keep up the practice and find a new level of quiet.

Just try it for seven days.

Let me know your experience and tweet me at @fabgiovanetti just be patient as I will take a while to answer *wink*