If you have a blog, I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over again that you cannot ignore social media. Sure, content is king, but the world of social media can be considered the Queen – you need both.

Used correctly, the world of social media is pretty fantastic. The latest and greatest craze of the moment is Snapchat. It offers endless possibilities not only in terms of growth and success for your blog, but also provides a platform in which you can truly express your voice and connect to your audience in real-time.

Share New Posts

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to promote your blog is to share it with your Snapchat followers. Make a short video or picture of your new post, pointing out any unique selling points or key features that might entice your followers to head on over – you can even show them where to leave comments or ask them to leave any specific questions they may have.

Behind The Scenes Access

One of my personal favourite ways to use it is for some behind the scenes access. What you post on your blog is but a fraction of what your day and life are really like, and Snapchat is the perfect way to bring your audience with you into your actual life. Heading to a meeting? Found the best matcha latte in town? Snap it and share it. People love getting a glimpse into other people’s life – just look at how many reality TV shows exist now – so invite your followers into yours.

Connect With Your Followers

Going on from the behind-the-scenes, Snapchat is also a great tool for actually connecting with your followers. They get to hear your voice and see you, unedited and unadulterated – unless you’ve used one of their quirky filters! Not sure if you want to order the chicken wrap or the sweet potato waffles? Quick snap and ask your followers! Hearing someone speak into a camera almost gives the illusion that you’re FaceTiming a friend, so take advantage of that, make your audience feel as if they know you and you are their friend!


This one is especially useful for food bloggers like myself. You can give a quick tutorial on your favourite simple meals, but don’t go crazy here. Since there is no pausing, don’t decide to give an intense step-by-step on a three-tiered cake. Simple is the word here! Fitness bloggers, this is perfect to give a quick tutorial if you can have somebody hold the phone and film you, since you can’t let go of the record button to pop the phone on a stand and run to the front.

Your Time to Shine

Have you got a hidden talent you don’t share on your other social media accounts? Can you do an amazing impersonation? Tap dance? Sing? This is the platform where you can share it and it doesn’t feel too weird or out of place – just make sure to also tie it back to your content somehow. Sing about a workout, dance to a recipe. Get creative here! No secret skill? That’s fine too, just let your personality shine through!

Account Takeovers

This one is perfect for growing your Snapchat following. Besides the obvious shout-out to your account through your other social media apps, account takeovers are a sure-fire way to increase your reach. Team up with someone in a similar niche and take over each other’s account for a few hours or a day. Or if you’re unsure about handing over control of your account, you can always meet up and feature in each other’s account as well.

Host a Giveaway or Scavenger Hunt

Giveaways have long been used as a way to promote your website and social media accounts. I am yet to meet a person on this earth who doesn’t enjoy a freebie, and the users of Snapchat are no different. Use your social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter to promote your followers to your giveaway on Snapchat or vice-versa.

Real-Time Interviews

Pretty self-explanatory. In this one you can either interview a fellow blogger or have your followers send you questions over Twitter or Snapchat itself, so that you can answer. Make sure you have it so that anyone can message you, or you’ll miss out on some connecting and questioning.

If you’d like to become a social media whizz, head to the HBC Academy and enrol in our Social Nerds blogging course. Learn the tips and tricks for managing content creation, promotion and follower engagement.