We caught up with the co-founder of online wellness service MatchMeHealthy to find out how it can help you find a simple, healthy diet that suits your lifestyle.

It’s impossible to talk about how and why MatchMeHealthy was created without talking about myself.

Which is a bonus, really, because I LOVE talking about myself.

But anyway.

A few years ago I was sick. Sick to a point where I had to relinquish control of my health to a team of medical specialists who recommended a course of treatment/medications. And I followed these to the letter. I never missed a treatment or ran out of a prescription or strayed in any way from the “plan”, but  still…the illness persisted. And I must confess that – whilst it was easy to blindly follow instructions – I grew weary of being a passenger in my own life. And at nearly 18 months into a treatment which I was beginning to believe would NEVER finish, I decided it was time to, “get busy living”. Or get busy…well…you know.

So I began educating myself on nutrition.

It wasn’t easy.

I didn’t have the money for a proper nutritionist, personal trainer AND therapist. So I spent hours, days, weeks researching. I remember thinking (many times) how brilliant it would be if there was just a place or a person I could trust and AFFORD that could simply say to me “Try this”. Just a little helping hand to guide me from where I was to, well… healthy.

Fast forward to the 1st of February, 2017 and the launch of MatchMeHealthy.com.

Visitors to MatchMeHealthy are asked a few simple questions about their current lifestyle and their health and wellness goals.

They are then matched to a healthy eating style, provided with recipes, information and assistance for free.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, or to replace a proper nutritional consult; what we’re here to do is to help you get started. However far you want to take you wellness journey, we want to support you. All entirely for free.

We also have a premium service that allows direct interaction with a certified nutritionist for some additional guidance, and discounted tickets to healthy events – for a literal fraction of what even a handful of proper nutritional consults might cost.

Basically, we’ve created – myself, my business partner Kate, and our amazing advisors – the tool that I wish was available when I finally decided to take control of my health. Except it’s not just a site for sick people; it’s a site for ANYONE who wants to be healthier than they are now.

So if any of that sounds like you… if you’re struggling to make sense of all the vast quantities of (largely conflicting) information out there, and just fancy a bit of a helping hand sifting through it and starting down the path to better health, we’d love to see you at MatchMeHealthy.