The next six months will see some exciting new book releases in the world of health and wellness.

We check out the best of the bunch with a selection of seven titles; which ones are on your wish-list?

The Doctor’s Kitchen by Dr Rupy Aujla

Release date: 28 December 2017

HBC favourite and recent Awards judge Dr Rupy Aujla sees the release of his debut cook-book this month, with his simple, tasty recipes set to “help you kick unhealthy faddy diets for good.”

In the book, Rupy, explains the principles of healthy living in a fun and relatable way with over 100 vibrant, tasty recipes steeped in medical science which are easy and inexpensive to make.

Rupy is a believer in ‘Plates over Pills’ and is living proof that what you eat can shift medical outcomes as he overhauled his own heart condition by addressing his diet and creating his own delicious food that he now shares in this book.

Pre-order The Doctor’s Kitchen now. 

The Wellness Rebel by Pixie Turner

Release date: 5 April 2018

Regular HBC guest writer and Summit speaker, award nominee and all-round straight talking nutrition expert Pixie Turner will be launching her first book in April 2018.

2017 saw a backlash against certain healthy lifestyle brands, particularly those without scientific qualifications who promote ‘clean eating’. The Wellness Rebel explores the aftermath of this, looking at where balanced healthy eating will go next and how we can get back to evidence-based basics and enjoy eating well.

With each chapter themed around a common healthy food misconception such as ‘Alkaline’, ‘Raw’ and ‘Superfoods?’, The Wellness Rebel explores the basics of nutrition in an accessible and entertaining way, with Pixie sharing her tips, tricks and tastiest recipes.

Preorder The Wellness Rebel now. 

Open Your Heart by Gemma Cairney

Release date: 11 January 2018

Former radio presenter and fashion stylist Gemma Cairney brings us Open Your Heart, or ‘a best friend in a book’ when its published in January 2018.

Full of honest and practical advice from Gemma and a host of trained professionals and real people, Open Your Heart teaches you to love your life, your friends and family and most importantly love yourself and tells you what to do if things go wrong.

Including chapters on family, friendship, love and heartbreak, food, exercise, death and loss there’s a wealth of tips for everything 2018 might throw at you.

Pre-order Open Your Heart now. 

Slow at Work by Aoife McElwain

Release date: January 2018

Food writer and presenter of the 2016 slow: series in Dublin, Aoife McElwain has distilled all her wisdom on slowing down and avoiding burnout into one book which promises to teach us how to work less, achieve more and regain your balance in an always-on world.

Our jobs can become such an important part of our identity that we walk the treacherous line between loving our work and speeding towards burnout. An always-on culture, the cult of busyness and blurred boundaries mean that work and life can become seriously out of balance.

This book is for you if you are feeling close to burn out, anxious, feel like an imposter or are caught in a cycle of procrastination.

Pre-order Slow At Work now. 

Organised by Sarah Reynolds

Release date: December 2017

Who knew there was a job of ‘professional organiser’? We didn’t, but Sarah Reynolds is one and has been helping clients find their hidden home organisation skills for years.

In this book Sarah shares simple ways to declutter your house, your schedule and your mind which sounds good to us. New Year spring clean anyone?

This life-changing book will transform your approach to clutter and tidying-up so that getting and staying organised is easy and you get the maximum space, functionality and joy out of your home.

Pre-order Organised now. 

A Couple Cooks: Pretty Simple Cooking

Release date: 6 February 2018

Alex and Sonja Overhiser are the writer-photographer pair behind A Couple Cooks blog and podcasts. The duo went from eating fast and frozen food to regularly cooking meals from scratch and in the process found they had more energy, slept better, and were happier. Together, the two have a “pretty simple” approach to home cooking that they share on their renowned website and podcast.

Want to be part of the launch of this book? The Pretty Simple Cooking Dinner Party is an international dinner party to celebrate the release of this book with good food and good people. The date is 17 February 2018 and the writers aim to have dinner parties across the world, some of which they’ll drop in on virtually. Join in by registering your intent to host a party on the Couple Cooks website.

Pre-order Pretty Simple Cooking now.