It’s coming up to Valentines so things are getting a little mushy around here. Disclaimer: we’re going to talk about FEELINGS.

Because while V. Day is a lovely excuse to celebrate our romantic relationships and the people we love, it can also be a good time to look inwards and appreciate yourself and all of the wonderful things you contribute to the world around you! Did you know that February 13th has officially been deemed International Self-Love Day?! So no excuses not to give yourself a bit of well-deserved recognition, lady. Or some almond butter cups at the very least…

Writing a blog as well as working or studying full time is not an easy accomplishment. In fact it’s bloody hard work! But all of that effort is made because you love what you do and want to bring that passion forward to inspire other people and connect with like-minded souls along the way. In the words of the fabulous Gala Darling – if you don’t love it, why do it?!

Scientist David Hamilton says in his book I Heart Me that the key to understanding your own self-worth is by realising one thing – YOU ARE ENOUGH. It’s so easy as a blogger to get caught in the comparison trap of thinking you’re not a good enough writer, not attracting enough visitors, or feeling like all of your hard work is pointless as there will always be other blogs better than yours. We’ve all been there! But once you realise that you are enough, you no longer feel the need to prove your worth, feel compelled to agree with everyone, nor do you need people to like you. You’re not afraid to show weaknesses, wobbly bits or vulnerabilities. You also take better care of yourself. And life, as a result, becomes a whole lot more awesome.

If you truly value yourself then your blog will flourish. Simples! By being the best version of yourself you will make genuine connections with your readers and empower them to feel great too. So regardless of your romantic status, this Valentines Day make it all about self care. Do whatever makes you feel amazing, whether it’s an Epsom Salt bath, skipping the gym for a sauna, sharing a glass of wine (or three) with friends or baking something indulgent and delicious.

Just wait for those positive vibes to seep through your blog posts – you never know the effect it might have on someone!