The HBCxMeet is back this month, and as always we are here to inspire you.

Listen to incredible talks from fellow influencers and inspiring brands with our themed Q&As.

This month’s theme is “self-love”, including topics such as “Instagram and the self-love revolution” and “how fitness influencers are changing the conversation we have with our bodies” – find out more about the event here.

Today we asked our speakers about self-love, and this is what they shared with us…

Emily Warbuton-Adams (@English_Ems)

I wouldn’t say I have any jaw dropping stories around self-love other than accepting my illness and working very hard to recover.

I think that the biggest acts of self love are those that focus around working on yourself to progress, change and grow as an individual.

Embracing the unknown and working through fear and challenges. I’m a lot less hard on myself and allow for relaxation and little indulgences without feeling guilty.

Ban Hass (@banhass)

My wildest act of self-love is staying true to myself and my beliefs in both my work and personal life.

Believing in myself, trusting myself and focusing only on things that will improve the quality of my life and make me better as a person. Being genuine, authentic and 100% myself in my opinion is the wildest act of self-love.

Sarah Malcolm (@sarahmalcs)

I’m sure to many, it wouldn’t be deemed as WILD but my ideal act of self-love is always when I cook myself a delicious meal, have a really long bath, do a little yoga and get into bed with a good book… WILD IN THE BEST SENSE!

I am also a sucker for a walk in nature to make me feel really complete and loved.

Hannah (@hannahrosecluley)

It’s so hard being female sometimes, were under constant pressure to look a certain way, but the moment I stopped caring about my weight, whether I have abs, how many of each macro I was eating, whether my knee is functional (I have a chronic injury) and just accepted my physical body for what it is, and loved it for that, i was opened up to so much more.

It’s like a platform to reach a greater sense of self, and it’s so freeing to just be happy and to not look in the mirror and dislike what you see. Nothing changed in the way I look, I just stopped worrying, and I started loving and it was awesome.

My wildest act has been to love my body for what it is.

Laura Hoggins (@bicepsanbronzer)

My wildest act of self love was leaving my job as Senior Commercial Manager for Maybelline at L’Oreal, and diving headfirst into the world of fitness and coaching, resigning with no job to go to.

At this time, I was not living a particularly ‘healthy’ lifestyle, too many deadlines, a lot of inactivity sat painfully at a desk with random snacks, staring at a computer screen, and one day I just thought… enough!

I have one shot at life, so I need to go where I feel most alive, and helping others discover a personal journey of health, fitness and wellness was something I just was desperate to achieve.

So I did it… putting myself top of the priority list was the best thing I ever did, and it has changed my life forever.

Michelle Elman (@scarrednotscared)

Getting a tattoo.

For most of my life, I never felt my body was mine or that I owned my body. When you’ve been through 15 surgeries, like I have, you are used to being treated as a “body” and people creating marks and scars on you that you have no say over.

My tattoo was me reclaiming my body and choosing myself over other people’s opinions.

Most of my friends thought I was being silly, and even acquaintances would go through the effort of telling me that having a tattoo was “not me”. In fact, my tattoo made my body, mine. For once, a mark on my body was being created out of my own choice and that was empowering.

Leila Silva (@healthier_leila)

My wildest act of self love was last year were I bought together a group of women to shoot some photos in our underwear and t-shirts branded ‘this is my body’.

Standing in front of those women and bringing together in the middle of a field was thrilling.

Allowing us all to embrace ourselves all different shapes and sizes, this really hit a cord with me and made me realise how comfortable and confident I felt within my skin.

Kitty Underhill (@kittyunderhillx)

My wildest act of self love was allowing myself to be authentically myself, and also accepting my body in its natural state.

These two are interconnected in a way, as I was always trying to change myself to fit into other peoples’ boxes, whether it was about who I was or how I looked. When I accepted that myself is actually ok, self love started to follow.

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This month’s theme is “self-love”, including topics such as “Instagram and the self-love revolution” and “how fitness influencers are changing the conversation we have with our bodies”: find out how to get your ticket here.