Credit: Victoria AdamsonWe are two sisters that have been the in health and well-being industry for a very long time each. Katia owns the Nectar café but was a masseuse for a long time, Nadia a yoga teacher.

Together we brought all our ideas on health, wellbeing and self-care for this book. Our next book is called Rituals for Every day.  

Simple small recipes to help you press the pause button on modern life and making the mundane special and the special moments memorable.

Katia and I were doing a retreat and our editor was on retreat as a participant.

We started talking about all our ideas on self-care and she liked that it was in an easy language that people could take home and continue.  Two years later they approached us to write the book.

We believe that the more you look after yourself, the more you have to give.

You wouldn’t take your family in a car with not enough fuel and water in the car. Yet we try and take care of our families and others when we are not resourced.

When you have a kind relationship with yourself hopefully you will have that for others.

We know that in our own lives, when we feel good, we do good we are way more generous and have more to give others, be it in the form of simply listening, time or physically helping others. When we are running on empty or in toxic situations, we are way more self-absorbed: we complain, we are tired, less generous all around.

We talk a lot about body scanning to check in with yourself.

First it’s awareness, then you can do something about it. Have you eaten, are you hydrated, have you slept well?

Just checking in with these simple things will be answers to whether you are reacting or responding to situations. When we are ‘hangry’ , you don’t want to be near us!

Sometimes when life gets too much , your weekend isn’t enough to fill you up, especially if you have plans and commitments at the weekend.

Our friend Mary used to give her kids “energy” days off school.

Sometimes if it all got too much and they were overwhelmed or low on energy, they got a day to gather themselves, We love this idea and talk about Duvet days in the book . Every now and then we just need a day!  

We have always been pretty good at doing things like having a massage or doing yoga etc, but we noticed we were very hard on ourselves and quite mean.

So for us personally we had to work hard at having a healthy mental attitude to ourselves. If we missed yoga because we were tired, no guilt or feeling bad about it. If we needed to say no to going to a dinner or an event because we just couldn’t face it , it was no. No more guilt or feeling bad about maka ing decision that work for you.

We think you can self care in just 5 minutes.

Whether that is breathing or having a dance or a body scan . If you can do tiny achievable steps regularly you start to grow the good habits and feel good, The better you feel, the more you do  In 30 minutes you can do a lot from having a nap, to cooking something nice, going for a walk or taking a class.


You can find Nadia and Katia’s book Self Care for the Real World on Amazon. Rituals for Everyday will be out in November 2018