We all know the importance of creating a safe space for us to recharge, reconnect with our selves, and indulge in some simple restoring activities – this is why we keep providing you with ideas to act on.

Scentered is a portable mood therapy collection of 100% natural, fragrance therapy balms and candles, designed to help busy people cope with the challenges of modern-day living and achieve their best at all times.

Their six balms and candles are made from therapeutic grade essential oils and botanicals chosen for both the proven aromatherapy based wellbeing benefits and their fine fragrances.

We asked Scentered to share their favourite balms and combinations to get over Blue Monday – falling today: “Blue Monday is a name given to the second Monday in January, claimed to be the most depressing day of the year.”

Whether you are trying to find your Zen or simply enjoying a day off away from the online world (and your to-do list), Scentered has a solution for everyone.

Are you looking to release tension, stress and anxiety?

With up to 25 essential oils in each balm and candle, all Scentered fragrances can ease everyday tensions.

“We’d recommend our De-stress balm with uplifting citrus herbal top notes of Chamomile, Neroli, Mandarin. This is a wonderfully balancing and uplifting balm to soothe the mind and lift the spirits.”

For those who are in need of cheering up or just need that natural boost to re-ignite their spark, you’ll love their BE HAPPY balm.

“This is our ‘sunshine in a stick’ – perfect for days when you’re feeling less than your best and in need of an extra lift. A natural way to brighten your day, lift your mood and boost positivity.”

Yoga enthusiasts can simply apply the Escape balm or light the Escape candle during class.

“An evocative and luxurious balm to indulge and pamper the senses. Apply ESCAPE whenever you yearn for more exotic climes, need a bit of cheering up or crave a few precious moments for yourself.”

The perfect way to recharge your batteries, gain perspective or inspiration or let go of everyday frustrations or worries. Be inspired, and creativity and action will follow. An excellent aid to meditation or yoga practice. Scentered’s mantra is Stop | Inhale | Reset and we swear by this.

Giving yourself time to stop whatever it is you’re doing during your day to take a moment for yourself. By taking a deep breath, you’re instantly filling your body with the purity it needs, to naturally calm itself and allowing you to reset your mood and carry on with your day.

“We believe that this should be done wherever, whenever and our portable therapy balms remind us to do this. By becoming more mindful, we are able to achieve more and give ourselves the confidence we need to succeed in whatever it is that we’re doing.”

This article is in partnership with Scentered as part of our Reclaim your Day Off campaign.