Review: Trybe Food Sharing App
The meal was deliciousThe chef I interacted with was reliable, friendly and up to standardsThe variety of meals on the platform is surprisingly good
Lack of clarity on health and safety for individual casesApp is quite difficult to navigateThe postcode-based navigation can be confusing for first timers
7.5Great food but app is difficult to navigate
Quality of service8
Quality of food8.5

With more and more apps focusing on sustainability, food sharing and empowering foodies, it is no surprise that a new app is currently lurking around our phones.

Say hello to Trybe.

Trybe is a brand new concept that allows cooking enthusiasts to express their creative flair in the kitchen and sell their food to their neighbour.

The app uses a postcode-based delivery service in a growing number of areas within London.

However, the increasing popularity of ‘local pick-up’ is helping to bring communities together as people make new friends within their neighbourhood. This is exactly how I decided to order my meal with Jackie.

Despite having some UI glitches – and as a tech geek, I am quite picky on having a user friendly platform – the app is easy to navigate. At the time I looked for meals, not many cooks were online or taking pre-orders, however, new cooks have been added since then and I have seen more activity on the platform.

Ordering is quite straight forward, and you can easily spot dietary requirements or restrictions stated above each dish. Trybe is resonating well in vegan, gluten-free and health conscious communities with passionate speciality cooks and tasty recipes to choose from.

I was early to pick up my meal from Jackie – typical – consisting of mad salad, ceviche, and filo pastry with goat’s cheese. Jackie was a wonderful chef and a lovely lady overall – very picky with the crispiness of her halloumi, which I appreciate.

Working alongside passionate neighbourhood ambassadors, each cook or ‘Trybe Chief’ is assessed and approved by the Trybe team, ensuring that their quality and freshness is verified. The only concern is the lack of clarity when it comes to health and safety regulations for each chef – if you ever told me that my Health and Safety certificate (dated 2012) would come in handy outside a Student Union kitchen, I would have laughed incredibly hard!

Overall the idea behind Trybe is great, however, I do believe it requires clearer regulations on the chef front, to protect both ends of the table – pun intended!

Once the platform grows and its interface becomes easier for users to interact with, I have no doubt Trybe could become a great opportunity for all the blogging foodies out there!