Review: Raw Island Juice Cleanse
Unique tasteDelicious combinationsPerfect one day solution
Supplement recommendations More info about cleanse practisesMore variety in flavours
7.4Tropical, refreshing, zesty
Nutritional value7

Cleanses have always been controversial; as health bloggers, we all know this too well.

As a veteran in the field, I still appreciate a one-day reset every now and then.

Nevertheless, the market for juices and cleanses is not the most flourishing, especially in the UK. I partly blame the volatile nature of the market, but I also believe that concerns and doubts among health conscious people have contributed to it too.

Therefore, I am always excited to see new brands emerging and making an effort to stand out from the crowd. I had the pleasure to try the one-day cleanse from Raw Island, and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of ingredients they base their cleanses on. 1000x563

Island 1 is a cleanse that features the well known combo of four juices and a mylk.

Sweeter than other “lean green” cousins, this cleanse relies on a combination of fruits, veg and active ingredients (oh, hello activated charcoal). I must say, this cleanse comes with a clear zesty kick: the two lemonades are definitely not for the faint-hearted.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day of reset, as the drinks sure kept my mind sharp and focused. I would probably suggest that Raw Island could do with providing a bit more information when it comes to the cleanse regimen and tips on making the most of it – again, as a fairly new company I expect it to be on the cards for them in the near future. I am quite conscious of the ups and downs of a cleanse.

Overall, I was very pleased with my juices – Wake and Hydrate was my favourite, as I am a sucker for salt. You can see the whole menu below, and check out Raw Island on social for more info.Island Cleanse 1 Menu card