Review: Juicy Fuel Cola
Tastes greatNatural ingredients Fantastic alternative to the "real McCoy
Branding could be betterCherry flavour was overpowering
7.3Something Uniquely Different
Nutritional value9

I am a Diet Coke fiend! I love the stuff, but I know that it isn’t the best thing for me to be drinking on a frequent basis so I’m always looking for something that ticks my sweet tooth craving but has some nutritional benefits as well.

I approached this review in a light of looking for something that would taste and feel like the real deal. Juicy Fuel Cola was that alternative to try! The look of the drink itself is very similar to that of what you are used to seeing when you select a cola beverage – and if I’m honest, the taste is actually extremely lovely and very close to tasting like what people are used to associating that with. I also tried the original out with some friends who were surprised that it wasn’t actually just normal Coca-cola!

One of the major selling points is that this is the only cola that is allowed within school lunch boxes due to the nutritional content – it is not a sugary based drink. Juicy Fuel Cola has all natural ingredients and when you look through the list of a total of 5 ingredients, anyone would know what those ingredients look like. There are no preservatives and the cherry version even states that one drink can be classed as one of your five a day. If you were thinking of sending your child into school with one, you would feel comfortable knowing that it isn’t just sugar.

I had review samples of the Original and Cherry flavours but I understand they do a Blueberry as well – a great choice for those who are looking for something a bit different. I personally loved the original cola but wasn’t so much a fan of the cherry one. I felt that the cherry flavour was too strong, it took over the base flavour and it wasn’t something I liked, but that may be down to personal preference.

The branding of the product is clean and does stand out, but I think it could do more to tell you about the product inside. Talking about a cola product, you may need to explain more about the point of difference as I’m not sure I would have picked it up otherwise.