Review: Energise by Rollagranola
Good amount of nutsTasty blend of spicesVery filling
Needs more honey for sweetnessSmaller chunksApple flavour could be stronger
9Filling, nutritious & delicious
Nutritional value10

Move over sugary cereals; an all-natural granola is paving the way as the health blogger’s cereal of choice.

With the trend for being health-conscious on the rise, there has been an influx in alternative cereals being made available to us. This is a great thing, as most healthy cereals/granolas on the supermarket shelves, quite frankly, taste like cardboard, with those horrible chewy pieces of fruit… not to mention that they are full of sugar. So when it comes to choosing your healthy sugar free granola, which one do you go for? Well, I can vouch for Rollagranola.

Rollagranola is a small, family-run company that focuses on delivering the highest quality of products.

They make granola that tastes great, is healthy and nutritious, and is made without any nasty additives. Using a mixture of nuts, seeds and fruits, their granolas are jam-packed full of fibre and natural oils – perfect for maintaining that healthy lifestyle. Rollagranola cater to all sorts of dietary choices, from sugar-free to paleo, so there is something for everyone to indulge in.

I got my hands on a bag of Energise, hoping to keep my belly full and my energy levels high throughout the day. At first taste I couldn’t help but think that this granola was on another level. Eating a bowl of this was like taking a bite of my Nana’s homemade apple crumble, with added nuts. The nutmeg comes seeping through, filling you with a warm comfort, and there’s a slight sweetness which comes from the honey. It also had my favourite pistachio nuts mixed in, which added texture, and the macadamia added a slight creaminess too.1000x563

It was a really tasty bowl, and I think the spice blend worked perfectly and really complimented the clusters.

I really didn’t need to eat a lot either, and I stayed full until lunch time. Some of the clusters were quite gigantic but nothing my spoon couldn’t break down. The great thing about this granola is how versatile it is. I mean you don’t just have to have it for breakfast with milk; I made apple pie overnight oats, sprinkled it on my smoothie bowl, and also made a crumble topping.

I would really recommend considering a breakfast swap to this granola. I didn’t have the urge to snack and my belly felt content, not to mention it was great for keeping my energy levels up thanks to the sprinkling of maca powder, nuts and seeds. There is a pretty extensive range with a variety of tastes and flavours, and I for one can’t wait to try them all. This one take a permanent place in my cupboards.

From Rollagranola…

“We want all food to taste great and strive to make sure our granola is made without compromise. We aim to make granola that gets people coming back for more because it tastes great and supports their dietary choices. We aim to provide something that can be used as a normal breakfast cereal, a trail mix or something you add to your day to day foods in the way that suits you! This is wholesome, natural, high energy granola, the energy is derived from the high nut content, delivering the benefits of nuts to your diet, but eaten because you love it, not because it is worthy. We aim to deliver proper food to those people who want a premium taste and aim to ensure that whatever your dietary choices or restrictions, you can get great tasting granola. It is made from oats, nuts, seeds, fruit, spices, unrefined sugars, a touch of good oils and maybe a tiny pinch of salt(0.3%). Free from: wheat and other cereals than oats, preservatives, refined sugar, bad fats, artificial ingredients”