If content creation is an art, repurposing content is a whole craftsmanship.

Content creators and brands alike can use this to their own advantage

  1. Content creators can really harness the power of one post to drive more engagement and make it perform better
  2. Brands can repurpose creators assignments and posts to their own audience and make the most of their collaborations

One quick note to brands: make sure you tag and mention the content creators accordingly each time.

For some of us (especially if we write mini-essays), a single piece of content feels like a whole lotta work.

We use this smoking hot process to turn one piece of content into fifty (or more) pieces of content.

Yup, I wrote fifty.

Just step back in awe, and watch the magic happen.

Ten Ways to Make this relevant to brands

When brands want to promote their ambassadors content, using tools and tips like the ones described below is definitely beneficial. However, you may want to go the extra mile by really engaging with your own audience.

When it comes to a collaboration with an influencer, their post is just half of the equation. Luckily for you, the ways of repurposing content are endless:

Featuring influencer content in your newsletters is an easy way to include an endorsement in the form of testimonials and pictures: show your audience you’re listening and you appreciate their work, and remember to credit the influencer.

If you are struggling to be on top of your social, let your influencers do the work by upcycling their original content on brand-owned social media.

Reports show that influencer-created content increases conversions by 10% when included in the online purchase path.

You can also use some of the photography on your website, as long as you provide captions and notes with the influencer name and website link (or Instagram handle) on the same page and in the footer among credits.

Five ways: repurpose the writing

When we write a post, we tend to have sub-paragraphs (or, in the case of Instagram, points) and I take the main learnings of the article, and each of the points become their own Facebook post (when it comes to WordPress or Facebook it can be easily done with the help of Co-schedule, as I link back to the post itself).

The most important thing is to take a different spin: we may ask a question about the topic, or give a new example.

If it’s a recipe, make sure you use different shots and focus on different features of the ingredients. You can easily link back to the original recipe on Instagram by copying the direct URL.

Ten More Ways: The Tangent

If you know me personally, you won’t be surprised to hear I am pretty big on tangents. I do believe that these hidden gems can be used for videos (such as Facebook Live, or even Instagram stories) or blog posts. Even better, use the points covered in your videos to create two more posts on the subject.

Three to the power of two. Add social promotion via Twitter and Facebook for those posts, and you have ten more pieces of content – it’s a content galore!

In this instance, you can even pitch them to external websites as guest-posts: as they are tangents, but still topics I am extremely knowledgeable about, the guest post pitches are very effective.

Get Visual

In order to make the most of your visuals, you can use IFTTT.com to auto post onto Twitter and Facebook from your Instagram. Ideally, you should promote your posts at least 4/5 times over a month on Instagram. Remember that your followers are not going to see every single post you create.

IFTTT allows you to reshare Instagram pictures on both Facebook and Twitter.

Fifteen Ways: More Co-Schedule love

As I mentioned before, we use Co-schedule to share articles on Twitter, Facebook Profile and Page (or groups, if this is how you swing), Pinterest and LinkedIn. I like to follow the usual schedule, and share it out on the day the post is published, as well as repeat it one day later, one week later and one month later.

Co-Schedule also launched a new feature called ‘ReQueue’, which reminds me of Edgar back in the day. It’s the magical social media schedule that fills itself, as the more messages you add, the more gaps it will intelligently fill for you.