During our extensive research to find the hottest trends and coolest products, we come across up-and-coming brands that we just have to introduce you to! Some of the brands below you’ll find in our opportunity board, others are simply companies our detectives found online. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Recommended Edit this week.

Winter Warmer Tea Blend: My TeaTimeWW1

This limited edition Winter Warmer blend is specially crafted for the colder months. In line with TeaTime’s ethos, it is both chemical and perfume free and low in caffeine. This exquisite blend is the perfect combination of the festive season’s most iconic ingredients: clementine zest strips, root ginger, apple pieces, cinnamon bark, cloves and black tea.

Perfect for… Warming up this season with a truly comforting tea.

Pick it up at… Available online while stocks last!

Happiness Scented Candle: Neom Organics3 Wick Candle - Happiness

It’s so important to create a relaxing space in your home where you can unwind, especially during the darker and colder days of winter. What better way to do this than by lighting deliciously refreshing organic candles?. Featuring seven wonderfully refreshing essential oils – including neroli, mimosa and lemon – this 100% natural scented candle from Neom Organics has such a therapeutic and uplifiting effect on the mind and body. Simply close your eyes, breathe in and you’ll be transported to a fresh spring morning.

Perfect for…A daily boost of happiness when you need it most

Pick it up at… Available to purchase online worldwide or in store at Fenwick’s, John Lewis and Selfridge’s. Check your nearest stockist here.

Winter Nut Butter by Nut Blendfullsizeoutput_7323

Every nut butter addict will know that the festive season calls for more than just your average peanut butter. This winter blend is the perfect Christmas time treat and we’re loving adding it to our porridge on a morning. Without any added sugar, sweeteners, syrups, salt or oil, this special edition roasted almond and hazelnut butter is filled with sweet and spicy nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. The sweet and subtle spices paired with the dreamy, creamy texture means that healthy indulgence has never tasted so good! We will warn you though, once you start with the spoon, it’s nearly impossible to stop!

Perfect for… Spreading on toast, drizzling on porridge, yoghurt and fruit, or simply eating by the spoonful.

Pick it up at… Available online or in various stockists in London

Beast Mode Water Bottle by Nativaqua_1_1024x1024

We all know how important staying hydrated is, but it can be harder during winter to make sure you’re getting enough water. That’s where this motivational water bottle comes in. With handy time cues that prompt you to make sure you’re drinking enough water each hour, along with motivational/butt-kicking quotes, getting 6-8 glasses a day couldn’t be easier. Made from solid plastic and BPA free, this bottle may be your new best friend!

Perfect for… Effortlessly tracking your water intake throughout the day.

Pick it up at… Available online worldwide