As Christmas is approaching we decided to head to our influencer crew to ask them what they’d love to receive this Christmas – they picked their top products for us.

This week Mairi from Ginger Vegan spills the beans on what she’d love to gift (and maybe receive) this year:

“The things I love most about Christmas are spending quality time with my family and watching the kids faces as they open their presents. I love the run up too, making decorations and presents and decorating the house and tree. I also like making special food; I have time to try new things and we never seem to eat the same things two Christmases running!”

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Recommended Edit this week, Christmas Gift edition.

Mulu Chocolate Truffles

They come in four flavours: Dark, Vanilla, Raspberry or Hazelnut.

Who is this for: All chocolate lovers! I will be getting a box of these for my husband’s stocking.

Link to Buy

A gift box from The Vegan Kind

The Christmas Selection Box is particularly delicious! And a little bird tells me that a Luxury Hot Chocolate Box will be added to their site soon.

Who is this for: These boxes are a great gift for any vegan, or aspiring vegan, young and old.

Link to Buy

OnRunning shoes

I have been dropping heavy hints for another pair of these! They are great for long runs, but they also make shoes suitable for the gym or hitting the trails. Out of all my trainers these are also the ones I choose most for everyday wear.

Who is this for: Any runner or fitness enthusiast would love a pair!

Link to buy

PlantBased Magazine Subscription

I love when this comes through my letterbox. It is great for inspiration and trying out new recipes.

Who is this for: People who love to cook or those just starting out on their vegan journey.

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