Reclaim your Day Off Campaign

What is this about?

Reclaim your Day off: with portfolio careers, online careers, influencer commitments and social media engagement is hard for us to take a full day off a week. Online creators and influencers work hard, really hard. On average, we work over 60 hours per week, counting Insta-scrolling, Twitter updates, multiple projects and commitments. In order to do more, we silently agreed on sacrificing our days off in favour of more opportunities, better deals and more financial gain.

Has the time come to redefine the hustle?

What if self-care, rest and sleep were actually the secret formula for success? We are bringing you an incredible series of events and fantastic content to celebrate your day off this January (and later on the whole 2018). Whether it's a Sunday or a Wednesday, make your day off a priority. Let the world know you're off to enjoy a cup of tea and some cookies (you are an influencer after all) and get off your phone.

How influencers can get involved

Share your Day Off Ideas

simply share ​​a picture of you on your day off, and TAG @hbloggerscom using the hashtag #reclaimyourdayoff for a chance of being featured You are also welcome to join us for some fun and exciting activities. Most of these activities and offers are aimed at either teaching how to reclaim more time off, or enjoy your day off with friends.