We caught up with Sarah from @sarahmalcs and asked her to share more about how she reclaims her time off as part of our #reclaimyourdayoff campaign.

I’m a lively little yoga teacher and food stylist with a passion for periods, porridge and people (not in that order).

Born and raised in London, I’ve now made a bold move to East London and spend my days teaching yoga, creating recipes, working for other fabulous bloggers and food styling. I feel like I’m writing my dating profile, but I love meeting new people and spending time exploring nature. I’m an emotional little soul with a big heart and a need for lots of love and laughter!

Credits: @sarahmalcs

How does self-care fit into your daily life?

Self-care for me means treating myself with complete kindness without judgement of how I’m feeling. I try to make sure I start my day with a yummy breakfast (it’s my favourite meal of the day and one I really cherish).

I make sure that every day, I do something for me, that makes me truly happy.

This changes day to day with how I’m feeling & can mix between cooking, walking, doing an extra long yoga practice, drawing, or even really boringly file my nails.

What’s your favourite self-care ritual?

Going for a long walk in nature. I can always tell when I’m feeling really out of whack & a little lost and 90% of the time I can solve it by getting out of the city and walking for hours. I’ve also started to not be on my phone in the evenings (which drives my best friends mad, but one I’m really enjoying for my own sanity).

What do you struggle with most when it comes to taking time off?

Definitely guilt and feeling as if I’m not doing enough. Especially as a freelancer, it’s very easy to work all hours of the day and compare yourself to others who are nailing it and working 24/7. But I’m definitely getting better at telling myself that my “off” days are probably more important than my “on”

Are there any tool that you find helpful?

Can I count Spotify? I don’t use any meditation apps or books, but I put on a really lovely and soothing playlist on Spotify & either sit & breathe or potter around on my balcony with a cup of tea.

You only have 5 minutes to yourself. What do you do?

I hate to admit it but probably check my flagged emails. (I always flag the emails I need to respond to)

How do you consciously take time away from the online world?

Going for a long walk without my phone. Also cycling helps me have a break from the online world. Sometimes I think, “oh I’ll get the tube so I can reply to emails” but other times I think “oooh I’ll ride my bike so I DON’T reply to emails”- it’s a really lovely switch off from my phone and switching on to reality.

Top tip for busy people: take a few moments at the end of your working day (whatever time that may be) to wind down from those thoughts. Take a few moments, even if it’s a few minutes, to debrief your day with yourself, decompress, breathe & leave it all behind.

Credits: @sarahmalcs

Quickfire questions

  • Favourite breakfast when in a hurry? Overnight oats with cacao, blueberries and peanut butter
  • Yoga or mobility work? Yoga
  • Favourite book to reclaim time for yourself: The Bronze Horseman – I love a novel that makes me cry and transports me into someone else’s life. It makes my little world and woes feel insignificant in a nice way!
  • Your favourite Netflix & Chill series/documentary: At the moment I’m watching “Sharp Objects” (actually I’m not sure it’s on Netflix, and it’s definitely not a chilled vibe, but I read the book and loved it!)
  • Gym or exercising outdoors? I haven’t been to the gym in months but I love going to my favourite Barre Class at Define London & yoga studios, but then I LOVE walking outdoors
  • Favourite music for relaxation: I pop all my Yoga playlists each month on to my Spotify and I love them all!
  • A day at the spa or outdoor adventure? Outdoor adventure every single day.
  • Beauty buy you swear by: coconut oil
  • What does your ideal night-in look like? A home cooked dinner al fresco with wine and my boyfriend and then playing cards or talking about interesting things.
  • Favourite self-love Insta account? @scarrednotscared
  • Favourite podcast to unwind? Currently loving Venetia Falconer’s “Talking Tastebuds”
  • Favourite quote/mantra you live by? Fight the fear and do it anyway
  • Background music, silence or podcasts? All 3! My mood and needs change daily
  • Dream holiday destination? India
  • Dream City Break? Somewhere really old and lovely with windy streets and lots of quaint places to eat at

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