Reclaim your Day off: with portfolio careers, online careers, influencer commitments and social media engagement are hard for us to take a full day off a week.

Online creators and influencers work hard, really hard. On average, we work over 60 hours per week, counting Insta-scrolling, Twitter updates, multiple projects and commitments. In order to do more, we silently agreed on sacrificing our days off in favour of more opportunities, better deals and more financial gain.

It’s not just us saying, the data goes back to as far as six years ago:

In 2012 a Work Safe Australia report found that employee burnout (either working long hours or squeezing too much in) costed the economy as much as $20 billion each year.

In 2014, a CNBC article stated that U.S. workers were using only 77 percent of their paid time off, and the use of vacation days was at its lowest point in the past four decades.

As Jen Uscher notes on, “If you’re finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life, you’re not alone. Many people are putting in extra hours, or using their smartphones to be on call when they’re not physically at work.”

The culture of DOING is demanding, as so many of us are focused on deadlines and quick turnarounds.

We’d think in 6 years, the need for a change would be obvious, but we are still caught up in our old narrative, even as influencers and content creators.

Has the time come to redefine the hustle?

What if self-care, rest and sleep were actually the secret formula for success?

How can I join?

Simply share a picture of you on your day off, and TAG @hbloggerscom using the hashtag #reclaimyourdayoff for a chance of being featured!

You are also welcome to join us for some fun and exciting activities. Most of these activities and offers are aimed at either teaching how to reclaim more time off or enjoy your day off with friends.

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