How does a boss lady make the most of her first two hours every morning?

I know, this is a question you were dying for me to answer. You ask, Fab delivers.

Firstly, I had to change the scope of this post slightly, as I realised that not everyone is extremely productive in the morning. As I scooped around the internet, Trello’s blog gave me some rather interesting insights on the matter:

Like anything in nature, humans run in cycles. The growing body of research on ultradian rhythms – 90-120 minute cycles that run within the 24-hour circadian day – suggests that our day is driven by cycles that affect how alert and productive we are.

At the beginning of the cycle, we experience heightened energy and focus, and at the end, we may feel scatterbrained and fatigued. Is your computer crashing from the million tabs you have open? Likely, you are right in that energy valley.

These guys take a highly analytical approach to the matter (including spreadsheets and metrics), nevertheless by now all boss ladies and dudes should have an idea which tasks they are smashing in the morning, and what keeps them going after the 3pm slump.

I am a morning type of gal.

In the afternoons simply give me crosswords and pretty painting works – please and thank you. I had, therefore, to think how to make the most of the first 2 hours I am up and running.

Once you find your most productive/inspired time, you want to make sure you know how you make the most of it.

For me, it’s a combination of meditation, journaling, card reading and writing. This basically combines the best of both worlds.
  1. Meditation, journaling, card reading are an essential part of my morning. I have been neglecting my whole whoo-whoo practices, and I noticed a sudden overwhelm and general tension or anxiety lurking in. As most people say, to each their own coping mechanism. To me, heading to my happy place, writing down thoughts and ideas and checking in is a way to set me up for the morning – and encouraged other ’emergency’ meditations if required. Even before coffee, I make sure I cover all my spiritual grounds.
  2. Writing. Most time it is creative writing, and at times it’s pure and simple writing. However, writing needs the right conditions to be effective. Let’s face it. When you physically and mentally feel in a conundrum, forcing yourself to fake it is as unhealthy as repeating to yourself you are okay. Still, I got my mojo back – hooray – so before I deal with emails, course updates, tech blips and glitches, I spend 30/40 minutes writing. This is my second ‘therapy’, and it has supported me for over 16 years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

What about exercising?

I would usually spend my early mornings in my home gym, however, I am realising that is overall better for me to focus on what I know I would more easily end up not really doing at all by 12pm, then introducing exercising in my morning routine.

Despite being always highly fascinated by things such as the 5AM Club or the 6-Minute Miracle Morning, I realised I need to prioritise what works for me as an individual.

Seriously, less is more. Also, if you work on your own thang it’s likely that you’ll need some breaks during the day anyway to regroup, sweat, set goals and what not. Because you are a human, not a robot – says looking at herself in the mirror.

I make classes, extra meditations, working on my One Thing other practises I incorporate during the day.

However, I make sure my most productive 90 to 120 minutes are spent catching up with the wife, sipping coffee, clearing my mind and working my magic on paper.

As I am back again on the wagon, I am hereby keeping myself accountable to stick to my simple morning plan.