Last week on IGTV (@hbloggerscom) I discussed one of the Habits in my upcoming book, Make an Impact and one of the tips I had was very much linked to the idea of having a Power Hour. 

What is a power hour, and do you need one?

Let’s be honest here, we all have the innate ability to avoid the most important thing YOU needed to work on. It does not matter if it is a phone call or a project for a client, for yourself, or just something that needed to get done.

You do everything BUT what you are meant to do. It’s just the way we feel we are “being”productive. By crossing things off a list instead of doing the important stuff first.

“Not all hours are created equal”  states one of my favourite books, “Winning Without Losing”. You don’t have to sacrifice fun, friends and happiness to be successful, and suggests quite a controversial way to do it: squeeze your day’s work in an hour.

The most incredible thing about this hour (the Power Hour you all), is that it sounds much easier than it is. In that hour, you will not let distractions such as unnecessary breaks, kettle rounds, emails, social media, or INSTAGRAM suck you in the procrastination spiral.

Can I have a power hour at any other time of the day?

As long as you schedule your time for the power hour, you’ll make sure it falls during your most productive time.

I typically like to set aside an hour in the morning, but a lot of people find to be productive after dinner, or straight after lunch.

Pick a time when you know you’re not going to be too tired or have other things going on – as well as a time where you can let people know you won’t be available then.

How many things should I do in this hour?

I always suggest to focus on one, but you can work on up to 3 things. I like the idea of one thing, as it comes back again and again in the book.

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