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Ajda from Ajda’s Oxsi Blog – About me

My name is Ajda. I am Sport and Exercise Nutrition student. I am originally from a small, lovely country, Slovenia, but currently I live in Oxford, England. I have always been interested in all kinds of sports. Passionate and outstanding athletes have always been my role models. As a teenager, I was involved in semi-professional youth equestrian sport. Although equestrian is not a high-intensity sport, keeping a good diet to deal with everyday obligations was very important to function on the highest level. I found out that with an appropriate diet I can be more efficient and I can benefit more from school and training sessions.

My mission

My mission is to inspire people to live balanced, healthy and happy lives. I would like to help people to be who they are and to enjoy themselves. We only have one life and therefore we should not be wasting it even for a moment. Leading a happy and healthy life is a lifestyle and therefore I am there to offer my readers help and support.

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

Simply, for a hobby. Firstly, I felt I have a lot to tell and I just wanted to share my knowledge and passion with other people. But then I realised that blogging offers me so much more. Blogging has become a part of who I am. Studying Science does not leave a lot of space for creativity and therefore blogging and Instagramming helps me to keep the balance.

The post you’ll love…

Blacky aka wanna-be healthy brownie: My readers will like it because they will be able to eat healthy brownies from now on! 😛


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