Feeling a little low on energy? Feeling unmotivated and lost? Need a wake-up call and some motivation?

It’s ok, we all get swamped in our work sometimes and lose focus. Maybe it’s time to re-think, re-schedule and refresh. The pace of everyone’s life has quickened in recent years and now it is time to prioritise and re-energise. Simple tips, simple steps = huge improvements. Let’s do this!

Practise the Action Habit

Most of us already have a good idea of how to live a healthier and more fulfilled life, however, we rarely put this thought process into action. Being a student has made me realise that knowledge is not power unless someone actively puts it into action.

What is action? Action involves acting to accomplish your dreams. Doing what you should do, not always what you want to do. Getting up early, being grateful, eating good food, nourishing your body and enhancing the dimensions of your mind by learning new things. Relaxing when you should and working hard when you NEED to. Being dedicated, focused and organised towards areas of your life that give you life. We spend too much of our time waiting for the ideal bridge to appear in front of us to get us to the next stage.

Builders don’t stand there and wait for the bridge to be built. Bridges are built by dedication, ups and downs and by actively engaging in the task. Act on your passions. Make that phone call. Finish that spreadsheet. Build your own bridge and take that new opportunity. 

Failure = A Change in Direction

Some of us are afraid to ‘fail’ before we have even taken a step forward and because of this, we say no to new opportunities. We doubt our abilities and shorten our experiences. Having an open and positive mindset to new challenges is something we should implement to ensure we appreciate every high and every low.

Positivity is the base of everything. We must alter our perception of ‘failure’. Since school, I have always feared this word as it has been conditioned to have negative connotations. However, I have come to realise that ‘failure’ is non-existent; let’s look at it instead as ‘a change in direction’.

Change must happen so that we can experience new things and grow as individuals. So, in a way ‘failure’ isn’t a bad thing at all; it’s exciting, it leads us into the unknown and it opens more doors. I think you would rather have the strength, bravery, knowledge, wisdom and fail than have never tried at all and feel unhappy, lost and inexperienced. The setbacks you have faced are moulding you and refining you for a new adventure. Failure is the highway to success. Trust the process.

Set goals

Setting goals restores a sense of focus in your life. Goals clarify our direction and help us achieve our dreams and ambitions. Goals provide an awesome framework for progression. Goals keep you alert for new opportunities and allow you to make smarter choices. These goals that you set reinforce The Action Habit: rather than waiting for the bridge to be built, you are acting and building that bridge for yourself.

Setting goals will boost your mood and enhance your energy levels by giving yourself something to work towards, trust me! Get some paper, jot them down in the notes on your phone or write them on your wall, anywhere for a constant reminder. Set big goals, don’t be afraid to ‘fail’ (change your pathway) and set some small goals too. You’ve totally got this!

“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed”

— Booker, W. 1907*

*Booker Taliaferro Washington was an American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States.