As a linguist, a Virgo and overall a hyperactive kid I am a sucker for learning: and what a better way than binge-reading tons of blogs and articles?

*ahem* that’s research right?

However, I have been doomed with the curse of really poor memory – yes, I have been nicknamed Doris more than once. I love to bookmark articles for upcoming courses, or articles.

Sometimes a scribble down won’t cut it: I need the full shenanigans handy in order to create my masterpieces. When people ask me about my favourite tool to save, bookmark and catalogue my favourite articles, I always go back to Pocket app.

Pocket has been a trusty friend for more than 3 years now, and today I want to share with you 3 ways it can help you and your own blog.

Create linkies

Let’s say you read your favourite blogs every other night, and you end up with a list of inspiration (and kitten memes). Pocket app is perfect for  link-roundups (which I am going to reintroduce this week myself).  You can create a handy tag for your favourite articles, simply collect them every week and wrap them up with a ribbon.

Research for an ebook or course

Let’s say you are writing your new, sparkly ebook (or a blog series). Pocket is perfect to collect all the research on a given topic. You can organise with tags and search for keywords and even favourite for quick access. Great tool for our academy.

Daily inspiration

You can even use Pocket to simply inspire you when saving 20/30 minutes every day to go through suggestions you find in Facebook groups, online forums and Twitter. You can even add your favourite articles to Buffer for easy sharing!

If you are looking for support, do not forget to head to our library of resources.

This is the bread and butter of blogging: build your blog and brand from scratch. Here’s where you learn the basics:  from getting the most out of WordPress and making your blog user-friendly, to understanding and installing plug-ins like Co-Schedule and Disqus.

By using simple tools like these, your blog will improve significantly in a short amount of time.