One of the super-mega-awesome things about being a blogger is the opportunity to work with brands who offer products or services that you love and identify with.

If you want to learn more about how to collaborate with brands and create a media kit, then there has never been a better time to join the Blogging MBA.

Whether you’re a full time blogger making a living from it, or blogging as a hobby to distract you from your 9-5, if you decide to approach a brand one thing’s for certain – you need to give a professional pitch.

Here are some tips from Sarah Lambert, aka The Laughing Medusa, on how to pitch yourself to a brand you want to work with:

1. Create a mini media kit

This doesn’t have to be some fancy PDF document full of graphs and glossy photos. In fact, definitely DON’T do that unless you’re a bona fide super-blogger! An email template is ideal, and after a short introduction it should contain key information like your stats, page views, and social following as well as who your prime audience are and the ethos of your blog.

2. Pitch back to PRs

There is only one person who knows what’s best for your blog – YOU! If a company asks if you’d like to do a post for them along their guidelines, or get involved with a specific campaign, think about how to shape the idea around what would be most appealing for your readers. PRs will most likely be impressed if you give them creative ideas for content that go beyond a standard product review. And remember, you don’t have to say yes to everything.

3. Develop content that benefits everyone

If you approach a brand with a few well-crafted blog post ideas, you will stand out from the crowd and the brand will appreciate your time and effort. Forget lifeless product-centric reviews and instead incorporate the product/service into your post as part of a wider topic. As a blogger, you need to retain authenticity and your readers’ trust, so creating posts that are interesting and written in your unique voice will serve everybody involved.

If you found this useful, head on over to Sarah’s workshop, How to Approach Brands – From a Blogger’s Point of View in the courses, where we go deeper into this topic, including how to get paid as a blogger and developing your blogging etiquette. See you at the class!