Ever been a victim of scrolling through Pinterest for so long that you forgot the reason you logged on in the first place?

While many bloggers and influencers have got the art of Instagram nailed, it’s strange that Pinterest can still confuse us for what is actually quite a similar (and some may say superior) medium.

We have a few lessons and Q&As about Pinterest, which can help you get started with Pinterest.

However, we know you may be wondering: how exactly can it help your blog flourish?

Here are 3 reasons why Pinterest might just be your secret weapon:

It can boost your blog traffic considerably

There’s an active audience on Pinterest always on the hunt for recipes & wellness articles, and after Facebook, it has the highest level of user engagement.

Even dormant blogs can get high traffic volumes from Pinterest by doing zilch! A little maintenance on your profile and know how to create your images effectively will go a long way with helping to attract a steady stream of new visitors.

You can monetise it

It’s possible to make money through Pinterest by sharing affiliate links (e.g. Amazon) to any products you are recommending. Obviously, it depends on whether that’s something you wish to do for your blog, but if there are any products, physical or digital, which you have affiliations with it’s worth using Pinterest to create an extra source of potential revenue.

Learn how to make the most of your Pinterest with our Pinterest workshop in our 8-week course, part of the HBC membership.

It sparks ideas and inspiration

We all get those blogging black holes where you draw a blank for weeks on end. There’s an endless supply of beautiful recipes, lifestyle articles and fitspo on Pinterest that might just inspire your next big blog series. Not to mention, it’s a great place to network with other bloggers (including us guys *wink*)

If you’re new to Pinterest, we’d strongly suggest going on there and having a gander, for the food porn if nothing else.

Check out our healthy blogging board to see what our bloggers are up to.

If you love it and want to learn more about incorporating it into your blog, try our lessons for more Pinnable tips and tricks!