The world today couldn’t be more different to the time when food was eaten purely for nourishment and survival.

Food is now something to be looked at and eateries know this.

It’s a culture in itself. We’re obsessed with sharing what we eat more than eating the food itself. We travel for food: I myself may or may not be guilty of traveling halfway across the world for a popular IG café. Gone are the days of relying on a guidebook or a travel website for food recommendations, Instagram has it all.

Gone are the days of relying on a guidebook or a travel website for food recommendations, Instagram has it all.

We drool as we scroll through our Instagram feeds, passing charcoal buns, matcha pancakes and smoothie bowls covered in endless toppings, eager to find out how we can get our hand on the latest foodie trends.

Admit it – we’ve all been there, standing on our chairs, searching for the perfect light whilst our hungry and slightly irritated dinner companion waits patiently to dig in.

But really, if you didn’t take a photo, did you even eat it?

We’ve highlighted a few of the hottest Insta-eats across the globe, serving up the most aesthetically pleasing grub that verges on art.

Matcha Mylkbar- Victoria, Australia

Aussies know how to do healthy food. Everytime Matcha Mylkbar pops up on my feed, I cry a little inside. The food is beyond beautiful with every plate a work of art in its own right. The menu is crazy creative, with matcha burger buns and pancake stacks, superfood smoothies in skull glasses and colourful lattes.

They also offer vegan eggs that are almost too realistic; all making for the perfect IG and showing your followers that healthy eating is anything but boring!

From Instagram: @matcha_mylkbar

Mad Pops – Bali

A personal favourite of mine, Mad Pops is a teeny tiny café located on one of Seminayk’s busiest streets. With interior details that would make any millennial swoon (such as a pink neon sign, white tiles and a row of miniature succulents), Mad Pops is plant-based ice cream heaven. Their unicorn vanilla swirl is the most magical ice cream you’ll find in Bali and with a coconut milk base, it’s full of goodness at the same time.

From Instagram: @madpopsbali

Ube kitchen  – New York

Healthy street food at it best, Ube Kitchen will light up your feed with their intensely vibrant Ube ice cream, practically taken straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. We’ve all seen those amazing purple yams, but Ube Kitchen takes the ingredient one step further, producing the most creative combinations such as chia puddings and parfaits, Ube hot white chocolate and of course, their incredibly photogenic Ube ice cream.

They say you should eat in colour, and we couldn’t think of a better way to do it!

From Instagram: @ubekitchen

The Avocado Show  – Amsterdam

If you haven’t posted a photo of avocado toast, do you even gram? If you’re looking for an avo-update on your feed, then head to Amsterdam for the first avocado themed restaurant. Their menu is out of this world and a dream come true for any guacamole addicts out there. Their famous ‘Bun Burger’ is a whole avocado sliced in half with a beef patty sandwiched in the middle.

The ‘Avo Rose’ is a masterpiece on a slice of toast, topped with vibrant and oh so aesthetic edible flowers. Hungry for more? Opt for a scoop of avocado ice cream, because what else?

From Instagram: @theavocadoshow

Kokus – New York

The prettiest plant-based frozen yogurt you’ve ever seen, the bowls from Kokus are straight out of a fairy tale. The soft serve base is made from coconut milk with flavours including raw cacao and lemon-vanilla tart. The toppings, however, are where the fun begins. They offer dreamy superfood combos such as maca date caramel (um, yum!), pink dragon fruit dust (channel your inner fairy) and weekly seasonal fruit. The final product is vibrant, full of goodness and most importantly, oh so grammable.

From Instagram: @kokus_nyc